cloud night light diy

During the winter months I find it important to make our house look and feel warm and cozy.  It's so enjoyable to be inside reading a book while its's dark and cold outside.  I especially enjoy the mood one can create with lighting.  My daughter Maja has been wanting a night light in her room for some time.  So, I decided to make her one using white Christmas lights and fabric Stiffy.  This was such an easy project to do and I was pleasantly surprised with how it turned out. cloud-night-light-diy

To make the cloud night light here's what you'll need:

* Led white Christmas lights (I used 50 lights, but I easily could have used 100)

* batting

* two fat quarters of fabric

* Stiffy

* white thread and needle


1.  With your two fat quarters of fabric cut out a shape of a cloud (or any shape you'd like).  You can draw the shape out first on butcher paper.  Make sure to cut out two pieces and that the right sides match up together.

2.  On the backside of the cloud cut out a circle.  I cut mine about the size of my fist.  This is so that you can stuff the cloud with batting.

3.  Line the two cut out pieces together right sides together and sew all the way around following the contours of your shapes.  Turn right side out and stuff the cloud with batting.  Make sure to fill the cloud with a lot of batting to avoid bunching and getting the shape you'd like.

4.  With the needle and thread sew a hook on the back of the cloud.

5.  Paint the front and back side of the cloud pillow with the Stiffy.  I painted two coats.

6.  Let the Stiffy dry, this is what's so amazing about Stiffy is that it hardens fabric.  Remove the batting, you may have some batting still attached on the inside of the pillow, which is fine.

7.  Put the Christmas lights into the cloud pillow, hang and plug in.  You're done!


Here's how the night light looks unplugged.....................And here's how it looks plugged in.


I love how warm and soft it makes the room look when lit up.  This night light will make a nice little addition with the Holidays coming up.

cloud-night-light-diy4My kids thought the night light was pretty cool, and now Henrik is requesting I make one for his room...maybe a star?



mini family photo shoot

mini-family-photos A few months ago our family had the opportunity to be photographed by the ever so talented and lovely Yan Palmer.




We haven't had our family photos taken in a long time and were so happy to get in for a mini session with Yan.



It's amazing to me what she can do in a half an hour, she is a magician behind the camera. Thanks Yan!

mini-family-photos7(All photos taken by Yan Palmer)

stockholm part two

I'm finally getting around to posting part two of my photos from my trip to Stockholm.  You can see part one here.   For me this year traveling has been particularly therapeutic and healing.  I feel so lucky that I have had the opportunity to do so.   About a couple of weeks before August my mother-in-law asked me if I wanted to show her around Stockholm for her Birthday, how could I say no.  We had such a great time and I did my best to give her a pretty comprehensive tour of this beautiful city. stockholm13

The weather was beautiful and only rained (torrential) a couple of days.   One of the smaller museums that we visited was the Prins Eugen Waldemarsudde Museum located on the island of Djurgarden.  The former home of a Prince, art collector and artist Eugen.  Besides visiting the museum we had a chance to walk around the stunning gardens and forrest surrounding it.


After visiting the Prins Eugen Museum we walked over to Rosendals Trädgard.  Rosendals is a beautiful biodynamic, self-sustaining open garden.


Rosendals grows organic vegetables, plants, and flowers.  Inside Rosendals is a beautiful cafe where you can sit outside on the grass and enjoy the cafe food harvested from the garden.


There is also a large section with row upon row of flowers to pick and take home.  I loved watching the families cutting and picking flowers together.  The weather was perfect, slightly overcast but warm.  It was such a lovely Sunday afternoon.

stockholm14This sadly concludes the last images from my inspirational and heavenly trip to Stockholm.  I can't wait to go back!  You can see my shop tours in Stockholm here, here and here.  Or Carl and Karin Larsson's home here and here.  Thank you for indulging me.

Henrik's claymation party part one

I can't believe it's been six weeks since Henrik's Birthday!  This year we had a small family party as well as a very low key friend party with some of his closest friends. Because Henrik is so passionate about making clay guys and spends a majority of his time working on them, it was obvious that we had to have a claymation party.


The Birthday invitation was made using a photo I had taken of one of the many funny groupings of clay guys Henrik leaves throughout the house.  This year I didn't even end up printing the invitation but emailed it to everyone instead.


We decided to limit the guests to a small manageable group of kids.  That way everyone could have a chance to work on their clay figures and we would be able to make a stop motion animation for each of the kids.

I laid out a large sheet of white butcher paper on the table, along with all the clay and tools they would need. Everyone enjoyed rolling, cutting and molding their clay into whatever shape or character they wanted to make.


Henrik, of course, made another set of Wallace and Gromit.  I think he's already made seven or eight sets of his favorite inventor and his puppy sidekick.



It was so fun to watch the concentration and focus the boys displayed while working on their clay guys.


Maja even got involved in sculpting as well.  She loves to work with "Cay" as well and looks up to her brother wanting to do everything he does.



She may have had to take a break from working to eat some cake, number one of the two cakes I ruined.  More on the cake debacle in part two of Henrik's claymation party.  Stay tuned...

last minute ghost and circus performer costume

ghost-and-rina-costumeAs a child I was a master at putting together a last minute costume for Halloween.  This usually involved an old grey wig, high heels, and random old clothing from my mother.  I think the only way I know how to put together a costume is last minute.  Both Henrik and Maja's costumes were put together using found objects from our home and took less than 20 kind of costumes. ghost-and-rina-costume2A couple of months ago Henrik told me that he wanted to be a ghost for Halloween.  Since then I have asked him several times if he'd changed his mind...Nope, he hadn't.  This was the easiest costume to make.  I cut a big circle out of an extra queen size flat sheet.  I cut two eye holes.  I then painted a black mouth and outline around the eyes...done!


Henrik was thrilled with his ghost costume and wants to wear it every minute that he can.  I'm glad it doesn't take much to make him happy.


Maja's Circus Performer costume was put together from this darling Wovenplay Lola suit, black tights, black ballet shoes, a painted bear mask (I cut off the ears), and a large Turkey feather.

ghost-and-rina-costume5Maja, on the other hand, is a bit more difficult to please and while she loved wearing her "rina" costume she liked wearing her mask for about 20 seconds.

ghost-and-rina-costume6She also had other ideas about what she wanted to be doing with her time besides modeling for me.  She'd prefer to be climbing up and down this ladder.

puzzle play

h-and-m-puzzleI love catching moments like these.  Moments when my children are playing so well together, lost in play.  Lately both Henrik and Maja have been really into puzzles and will spend long periods of time working on them. h-and-m-puzzle2

I feel so lucky that my children play, for the most part, so well together.  Often times my sweet Henrik will give in to his bossy little sister.  He has such a kind heart.  I once told him that he could stand up to her and that he was bigger than her.  He replied "But she's my little sister, I don't want to hurt her."


Maja also loves her older brother and calls him "my Haek".  She carries his school picture around with her and sometimes even sleeps with it.  I hope that they will always have this close loving relationship with each other.


I read recently something that left an impression with me.  "The only bad photo is the one you never took."  That's so true, we never regret taking too many pictures just not taking enough.

h-and-m-puzzle5I take a lot of photographs of my children, but there are so many moments, moments like these that I miss.

"So, my advice to everyone and anyone I know is to take photos.  Take them like a paparazzi.  In sickness and in health, in happiness or sorrow...photographs fuel memory..and memory fuels the heart and soul."-- Mitchell's Journey


The Honest + The Land of Nod feather your nest sweepstake

As a parent I get overwhelmed sometimes by all the products out there that are harmful to my children.  I have a tendency to be a bit of a worrier and get stressed out by by all the toxic chemicals (so many we're not even aware of) in everyday products and what I should and shouldn't do.  I'm so grateful for responsible companies like The Honest and The Land of Nod who can do some of the worrying and research for me.  Both companies believe in making sustainable, non-toxic products while not sacrificing on style. Today I'm teaming up with these two incredible companies to offer readers a chance to win the Feather your Nest Pin It to Win It Sweepstakes.  One lucky winner will receive an entire years worth of Honest Bundles and a $1,500 gift certificate for The Land of Nod to create or makeover their nurseries, kid's rooms, or play rooms.  The contest starts the 21st (today) till November 1st.  How cool is that?!!!

feather-your-nestHere's what you need to do to enter to win the sweepstake:

1. Click here to visit The Honest Company's Facebook page and choose the "Feather your Nest" sweepstakes tab.  2. Follow “The Honest Company” and “The Land of Nod” on Pinterest. 3. Complete and submit the entry form provided on the The Honest Facebook application and accept the Terms & Conditions of the Sweepstakes. 4. Complete your entry by creating a Pinterest board and naming it “Honest & Land of Nod Feather Your Nest.” Pin at least one (1) item to this board and tag the image(s) with #FeatherYourNest. Limited to one (1) entry per person.  Best of Luck!

Also, all One More Mushroom readers can Enjoy free shipping at by using the code HonestFYNShip. Applies to U.S. and Canadian residents only (one per customer).  Valid for first-time orders only. Expires November 1, 2013

The Honest Company and The Land of Nod asked me to share some tips on how I create safe and stylish spaces for my children.  Here are six tips on how to do that in any space in your home.


Tip#1-- Play with scale and color.  I love combining contrasting and complimentary textures, colors and sizes.  It's so fun to see something dramatic and unexpected in a space, especially a child's room.  The Wow, that's a big lamp is a beautiful and large floor lamp, which provides soft, directional lighting while reading our stories at night.

Tip#2-- Explain to your children why.  As a child I remember being told to do something but not knowing why.  I notice that when I explain to my children why they need to wear sunscreen, or brush their teeth they're more apt to obey without complaining (most of the time).  Did you know that the only sunscreen that protects against UVA and UVB rays is Zinc Oxide?  This one is non greasy and non-whitening.

(Snake, Banjo, H pillow, the Henrik bed)


Tip #3--  Keep soft toys/rugs around to cushion a fall.  Rugs and stuffed animals are cute and cuddly but can also protect little children while playing rough.  I also like the first thing to touch my children's feet when they wake up in the morning to be something soft. In Maja's room I used this blanket as a plush rug for her little feet.


Tip# 4-- Have your children in mind when decorating and picking products.  When I saw this bunny lamp I knew my daughter would love it.  She has a bit of an obsession with bunnies and sleeps with three every night.  Maja is potty trained, but during her naps she still wears training pants.  I keep them stored in the bin on the floor so that she can put them on herself.  She prefers the princess pants, and they are gentle on her skin because they are chlorine, bleach and chemical free.  Maja also loves lip balm, she calls it her "lip", so we keep it on her bedside table for her to apply when needed.

(bird pillow, storage bin)


Tip# 5.  Keep it fun and playful.  Who says a bathroom can't have art in it?  Or that a wall can't be an entire chalkboard?  Have fun with your kids and their interests.  Maja likes to draw, so we painted an entire wall in her room with chalkboard paint.  In our bathroom we hung some vintage prints from a favorite sea voyaging kid's book, as well as this clock (well, something similar).

safe-and-stylish-kids'-spaces5Tip# 6.  Know what's in the products you're giving to your kids.  Harsh chemicals in soaps, shampoos and conditioners can cause skin to become irritated, dry and even disrupt hormone levels.  What I love about this bubble bath, shampoo, and conditioner is that the ingredients are safe, natural and gentle on my children and I can pronounce all the ingredients.  I have a saying that I live by when grocery shopping  "If you can't read it don't buy it".

I hope that these tips are easy and helpful for you in creating safe and stylish spaces for your children.  I wish you the best of luck in entering the Pin It to Win It Sweepstake!  I hope you win!

Also, if you'd like to see what products I used to style these spaces, you can check out my Pinterest board here.

Uni shop tour

While on my trip to Stockholm this past August I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph the colorful and beautifully curated children's shop, Uni.  Uni carries Scandinavian unisex children's clothing as well as decor and vintage items.  Just my kind of store.  The philosophy behind Uni is brilliant, but I thought you'd like to hear it in their words instead of mine... uni-shop-tourMeta:  Your shop is run by yourself and your friend, correct?  How long have you two had it together and what are your full names?

Uni:  You are correct, we are two friends runing Uni. We know each other from senior year in high school. We are Linda Glad and Sara Skogsmark and we have had Uni for 8,5 years. Earlier we had a shop in Södermalm, where we started in 2005 (that shop was closed in May this year).  The shop at Odengatan have been open since 2010.

uni-shop-tour2Meta:  What inspired you two to open up your shop?

Uni:  The lack of unisex children clothes and the irritation over entering the bigger clothes-chains to find everything divided into "girls and boys-clothes", very stereotype. Sara's first child was 4 years old and she ended up buying his clothes in the girls-sections because all "boys-clothes" where so colorless and boring. We think all children should be introduced to all colors, and that they should have clothes designed in ways that enables the child to play around.  That means soft, durable and sustainable...


Meta:  What is your mission or desire for Uni?  I remember you telling me a bit about your desire to provide unisex clothing for children, maybe you can expand on that a little?

Uni:  Our desire is to open up peoples minds about "boys and girls clothes" and instead simply think of it as "children clothes". We believe that the stereotype division of children clothes are repressive since kids are strong individuals and should be treated as such. Children are much more open minded then us gown ups! For us this is a part of the struggle towards a gender equal society.

We also believe that clothes should be durable and sustainable, and that they should have been produced with respect for both the environment and workers. The textile industry is in many ways very dirty and our aim is to always make the best possible choices in terms of organic materials and high quality so that the clothes can be worn by more then one child.

uni-shop-tour3Meta:  What are some of the Swedish brands that you carry?  And why have you chosen some of these particular brands?

Uni:  We work with Swedish brands such as Modéerska Huset, Anïve for the minors, Bonkeli Mini, Duns, Sture & Lisa, Filemon Kid, Viki Petersson, Emmaloppa and so on... All of these are chosen because they use organic- or recycled fabrics, and because we love their design. We seldom order a whole collection from a brand but we select bit's and pieces that we think is suitable for Uni. We almost look at Uni as a person, thinking "what would Uni like".

uni-shop-tour5I love that Linda and Sara are high school friends and are so passionate about their mission to bring unisex clothing to children.  I couldn't agree more with their belief that children's clothing should be high quality, durable and all colors should be introduced to them.

uni-shop-tour6Thank you Linda and Sara for letting us take a peek into your beautiful shop and sharing your mission behind Uni.


halloween pumpkin wreath

I have a confession to make, I don't really like Halloween.  I think mainly it's because I'm not a big fan of the scary, the gory, and the macabre as well as the amount of sugar that gets doled out to all the children. Seeing it gives me slight anxiety.  I know I know I sound like the meanest most scroogiest of moms. The funny irony is that my son Henrik loooooves Halloween and everything to do with skeletons, ghouls, and ghosts.  I guess I deserve it. halloween-pumpkin-wreathBecause Henrik loves Halloween so much I do try to make an effort to decorate and make crafts with him.  This pumpkin wreath was really easy and fun to make that required minimum adult supervision. Henrik enjoyed it so much that he has aspirations to make pumpkins to decorate the entire house! And the best part of the craft is that he did about 95 percent of all the work.


Here's what we (mostly Henrik) did:

1.  Henrik drew several pumpkin shapes on paper.

2.  He painted the pumpkins with watercolors (he colored some of the features with crayon).

3.  He then cut out all the pumpkins shapes.

4.  Henrik and I taped together the pumpkins (and some bats) into a wreath shape and then taped it onto the door.

halloween-pumpkin-wreath3Henrik and I were thrilled with how it turned out.  Our house is starting to look a little festive.  Maybe no one will know that scrooge lives here, ha!

Anthology Magazine off shoots

It was so fun to see the out takes from our feature in Anthology Magazine.  You can see all of them over on their blog here. Anthology_Coleman-daughterAlso, check out the Henrik bed on Design Sponge.  Emily did such a great job renovating and decorating this space for her son Oren.

And if you'd like to do a fun easy Halloween mask this weekend, check out Henrik and Maja modeling them for you over on The House that Lars Built.


photography and styling by the talented husband and wife team Seth and Kendra Smoot.

Happy weekend everyone!


hallway gallery wall with josef frank wallpapers

Our upstairs hallway has been looking a little drab and boring lately.  Don't get me wrong, I love the Edward S. Curtis photographs that are hanging there, but I needed to add some color into that space. While I was at Svenskt Tenn, the assistant who was cutting my fabric, gave me samples of every single Josef Frank wallpaper.  At first I thought, "this will be great to show my clients" But the more I looked at the samples the more I wanted to do something more with them.  So, I decided to do an entire gallery wall with all the beautiful colorful patterns.

Here are the before pictures of the hallway...

hallwayAnd here's what it looks like after...


Most of the samples were already cut into 8.25" x 11.75" size rectangles.  The rest of the samples I cut into the same size.  I didn't have enough wallpaper samples to make the three rows of five that I wanted, so I used two fabric scraps that I had, and you can't even tell the difference.

hallway3For the frames I used the super simple, white ikea Nyttja frame (it only cost $3.99 each!).  I bought a block of water color paper and cut each sheet to fit the frames.  I then taped  (with artist tape) the wallpaper onto it, using my eye to center it.

hallway4Hanging the frames was pretty easy as well.  My husband was nice enough to do most of the hanging for me.  We actually used the existing hooks that we had in the wall for the photographs and added an additional frame in between them.  It turned out to be a perfect 3.5" spacing.  We then did a row below and above the first row.  Making sure to measure exactly 4" spacing vertically and 3.5" spacing horizontally.  This type of gallery wall is one you have to measure exactly and use a level if you can.  We ended up just using our ruler because our level wasn't so level any more.


I really love how it turned out.  It accentuates the wall more and makes it look bigger and brighter.  Not to mention it makes me so happy every time I walk by.  It it will also make for a great sample wall to show my clients how great Josef Frank wallpapers look on an actual wall.  Win win!

Henrik's 6th birthday

Last week on the 16th we celebrated my son Henrik's sixth Birthday.  I can't believe that he is six already!  He is such a sweet, creative, obedient kid, with the most infectious laugh.  How did we get so lucky?!!! h's-6th-birthdayThe night before we set up Henrik's Birthday table, so that when he woke up his gifts, cake and banner were waiting for him.

h's-6th-birthday2I love the surprised look on his face when he saw his table and when opening his presents.

h's-6th-birthday3This year he received some great vintage Star Wars toys from his dad.  He's recently discovered his love for them again.


Maja also got into all the Birthday festivities and may have eaten an entire chocolate bar for breakfast.


This week we'll be celebrating with Henrik's friends and having a claymation party.  I'll have pictures of the party to share next week.


Carl Larsson's neighbors home in Sundborn

Last week I shared images from my visit to Carl and Karin Larsson's home Lilla Hyttnäs, in Sundborn. Accross a small bridge on the other side is Stora Hyttnäs, the home of the Linderdahl's, who were good friends of the Larsson's. carl-larsson-neigborsStora Hyttnäs is a beautifully preserved 19th century upperclass residence and is surrounded by multiple gardens and ponds.

carl-larsson-neigbors2We took a guided tour through Stora Hyttnäs. The tour was entirely in Swedish.  Needless to say I couldn't understand anything that the guide said, ha.

carl-larsson-neigbors3It was so interesting to see the stark difference between the unconventional home of the Larsson's and the much more formal and traditional home of the Linderdahl's.

carl-larsson-neigbors4I had such a lovely time visiting these two beautiful homes in Sundborn, thank you for joining me!

strawberry pillow

It's been a while since I've posted a DIY on One More Mushroom.  I made this strawberry pillow a while back for Maja's room out of an old coral colored sweater.  I loved the color, but the sweater not so much anymore.  So, I decided to make a strawberry pillow to go with her sweet strawberry bedding. I used the same technique as the raindrop pillow to make the strawberry. My favorite part is that Maja loves her pillow and has to sleep with it every night.  She calls it her "dauby".


To make a strawberry (or dauby) pillow here's what you'll need:

* an old sweater

* green felt

* scissors

* polyester fill

* black thread

strawberry-pillow-diy21.  Cut a heart or strawberry shape directly out of the sweater.  Cut front and back pieces. Leave a 1/4 inch seam allowance.

2.  With the black thread sew black stars for the tiny seeds on both pieces.

3.  Cut the stems out with the green felt.

4.  Attach the green leaf portion of the stem onto the strawberry.  Sew together a small stem and stuff with batting.

5.  With the right sides together sew the strawberry together leaving an opening at the top for the batting and the stem.

6.  Stuff the pillow, insert the stem, and hand stitch the top shut.  You're finished!

strawberry-pillow-diy4Maja likes her "dauby" pillow so much that she even let me photograph her for a whole ten seconds, which is a lot of time for a toddler.

Carl and karin larsson's home

As a small child I had a print hanging in my bedroom of a little blonde girl holding a flower.  I was fascinated with that little girl and it is one of the fond (only) memories I have of my room.  At a young age my mother introduced me to Carl Larsson and I have since been a huge admirer of his work. carl-larsson's-home

Carl Larsson was a classically trained painter at the Royal Swedish Academy of Arts, and showed great artistic talent at an early age.  But it wasn't until he married Karin Bergöö that he embraced his (now iconic) style of colorful, technical watercolors, depicting their relaxed family life.  Most of his famous paintings were painted in their family summer home, Lilla Hyttnäs.


During my recent trip to Sweden, I was so thrilled to take the long trek from Stockholm to the Larsson home.  After traveling three and a half hours by train and two bus rides we arrived in the tiny village of Sundborn.  It felt like we were in the middle of nowhere, I loved it.  The countryside was astoundingly beautiful.


Lilla Hyttnäs is situated in front of the most picturesque pond with wild flowers and trees surrounding it. I felt like I had been transported into a dream, and given a glimpse into the world of Carl Larsson. The day was perfect and the weather a bit tempermental. I kept pinching myself because I couldn't believe I was actually at Carl and Karin Larsson's home!


We were given a guided tour through the house, but unfortunately couldn't take photographs of the interior.  What amazed me was that the Larsson family still vacation in this home, and during a few months of the year allow the public to see it.


Karin Larsson was an amazing artist as well.  She designed and wove the most beautiful, colorful, and modern tapestries all throughout the home, as well as designed and sewed all their (including eight children) clothing, and painted and designed furniture too.  One time Karin commissioned a local carpenter to make her a rocking chair.  The carpenter was so ashamed of the chair that he delivered it in the middle of the night so that no one would see what he had made.

The Larsson's were way ahead of their time, so modern in every way.  They had a much more relaxed approach to raising their children and even ate together as a family, which was unheard of at the time. I like to think they were thought of as the odd eccentric family that weren't truly understood.


The home is such a beautiful mix of both artists.  There were murals of Karin and the children on several of the doors as well as the furniture and in the dinning room.  The chairs were painted a variety of different colors upholstered in Karin's beautiful tapestries, as well as woven curtains and pillows.  Both artists added their love and personal touches to the home.  Exactly how a home should be.


The Larsson home and their approach to living art in all aspects of their lives is such an inspiration to me.  I hope you enjoyed my tour.

Next week I'll have more pictures of Stora Hyttnäs, the home of the Larsson's friends and neighbors.

svenskt tenn shop tour and winner of the giveaway!

Thank you all for the very lovely comments and participating in the giveaway.  It was hard to pick just one winner.  But...Colleen is the winner!  Yay!!!  I had a chance to see the pillow that Svenskt Tenn is giving away and I'm going to have a hard time parting with it. svenskt-tenn7Svenskt Tenn is such a beautiful and inspiring interiors shop.  These pictures that I have shared with you are just a fraction of the beautiful two story space.


Throughout the store there are beautifully decorated vignettes of furniture and much to be inspired by.


You can find Josef Frank patterns on journals,  pillows, totes, trays and many other home decor items.


There are also so many beautiful selections of colorful Josef Frank wallpapers.


I'm so excited!  This trip I may have splurged and bought the primavera fabric to cover an amazing mid century sofa that I found at an Estate Sale for $15!  Here one of the clerks is pictured measuring out my fabric.  I can't wait to see the finished sofa!  I'll be sure to share photos of it too.





I had such a lovely time during this recent trip to Stockholm.  How could I not?  Here are a few photos from the trip. stockholm

The beautiful buildings along the busy street Strand Vägan where Svenskt Tenn is situated.


I love that the city is comprised of fourteen different islands surrounded by water and the clouds are unreal!


One of my favorite places to visit in Stockholm is Skansen.  Skansen is the oldest open-air museum founded in 1891 by Artur Hazelius.


Skansen exhibits various houses, farmsteads, shops and many different animals and so much more. It is such a cultural experience and I really enjoy seeing how people in Sweden lived and dressed from the 16th to the beginning of the 20th century.


There is so much inspiration at Skansen...I love this cozy Gustavian era children's room.


Thank you for indulging me.  On Friday I'll be sharing the rest of the Svenskt Tenn shop tour as well as announcing the winner of the giveaway!





henrik's first day of kindergarten

On Wednesday my little Henrik started his first day of Kindergarten.  I can't believe that he is growing up so quickly.  We continued our tradition of making him a Schultuete for his first day of school.  This year to make his Schultuete I used wrapping paper and lined it with colorful butcher paper.  I filled it full of school supplies and treats, as well as the flying bird toy. henrik-kindergarten

I have to admit it was difficult for me to let him go to school.  Henrik is such a creative, happy, easy going kid and I love having him at home.  I wish I could just freeze time so that he'll always be my little innocent boy.  Henrik has really enjoyed his first couple of days of school, which has made the transition easier on both of us.



svenskt tenn shop tour and giveaway

This week I'm so excited to share with you my first photographs from my trip to Stockholm.  The first of which is my all time favorite interior design shop, Svenskt Tenn, on Strandvägen in Stockholm.  Svenskt Tenn is world renowned for their beauty and quality and their textiles and furniture are iconically linked to Swedish design. svenskt-tenn

Estrid Erikson founded Svenskt Tenn in 1924 at the age of 30.  Ten years later she hired Josef Frank  (originally from Austria) as a designer.  He became her most beloved designer.  The two had a very amicable working relationship for 33 years.  Josef Frank designed most all of the textiles and furniture and was inspired by his travels and botany.  His use of color and his large designs of flowers, birds, fruits, vegetables is astounding.  Estrid Ericson ran the company, was the sole interior designer and table stylist.  She had an incredible refined eye and sense of style.  She dedicated most of her life to Svenskt Tenn, retiring at 82 after giving 54 years to her company.


The two inspired each other and took on Josef Frank's philosophy that color should be introduced through the  textiles and furniture should be light and easy to move.  I couldn't agree more with their design philosophy.  Estrid Ericson wrote "White walls are loveliest, textiles must impart colour to the room.  Furnish sparingly with light, moveable furniture.  The modern home, therefore, will be a mixture of items, some more expensive than others, and they do not have to match."


This design philosophy is what is so cheerfully associated with Swedish design.  And what has always drawn me to the Scandinavian style.


What amazes me as well is that most of these textiles were designed in the 20's, 30's, 40's, and 50's, but they are still so modern and fresh.  Josef Frank and Estrid Ericson did not conform to trends or style of the time, but stayed true to their design beliefs.  Therefore, they have remained timeless.  What an inspiration.


When I first walked into Svenskt Tenn four years ago, I was blown away with the use of color and pattern.  Bold, bright, beautiful colors are everywhere in this large two story design shop.  There are also large comfortable sofa's upholstered in the large patterns.  The furniture is classic and comfortable, and generally made of wood or rattan.


Svenskt Tenn is generously giving one lucky One More Mushroom reader a beautiful home decor item from one of their lovely textiles.  All you have to do is comment below.  I will pick the lucky winner next week along with part two of my Svenskt Tenn shop tour.