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5 tips for styling your child's shelves

Children's rooms can be so colorful and carefree.  I think that's particularly why I love decorating them. That doesn't mean that there are no design rules.  In my daughter's room I applied some simple design principles.  Below are a couple of photographs from the shelves in Maja's room and some tips on how to style them. 5 tips for styling your child's shelves:

1.  Figure out what colors you'd like to use.  I usually pick three.  For example, in this picture I've picked red, yellow and blue as the main colors.

2.  Find a fun way to display your books.  Lean them against the wall, stack them, or use colorful bookends.

3.  Store items that you only want access to out of reach from you child.  For example, I store blankets, shoes, and clothes that are still too big in the red bins up high so my daughter won't get into them.

4.  Vary the height and depth of your objects.  You don't want everything to be the same height or on the same plane.  I usually start with the highest item on the left side, so that the eye can rotate in a circle.

5.  Use items that are store bought as well as thrifted and personal (maybe something you had as a child).  The shelf will look curated and personal if you use items that are unique to you and that you absolutely love.

study nook

Henrik is only still in preschool (he missed the deadline by two weeks) but already has homework to do.  I've been thinking about converting a corner in his room into a study nook, where he can do his homework and draw his skeleton guys.  We still have to help him with his homework but in the next couple of years he'll be able to do more of it alone and will probably enjoy the peace and quiet.

desk | backpack | map | chair | clock | owl | image on the right |

pop and lolli

This week on Babyccino Kids:

Wall stickers are a fun way to decorate a child's bedroom.  I am a big fan of the colorful, fun, and oversized fabric wall stickers from Pop and Lolli.  The wall stickers are easy to install and 100% safe for your child.  What I think sets Pop and Lolli wall stickers apart from the others is the size, the large size makes a statement and looks like a painted mural.

Here are a couple of tips on how I would decorate with the stickers:  keep the walls and furniture neutral so that the colors in the stickers can pop, and display the wall stickers like a mural or headboard and hang them higher in the room.


Hanging rattan chair

This week on Babyccino Kids: I have always loved the idea of having a swing or hanging chair inside the home and have wanted to install one in my own home (I just have to convince my husband that it's a good idea).  I think my kids would love reading and giving each other rides in it, and I would love how fun and relaxed it looks in my home.

Serena and Lily have designed a lovely hanging chair inspired by this chair.  The rattan hanging chair would add a little 70's Scandinavian style to your home and could go in any room; the living room, a child's bedroom, or even your bedroom.

Here's some tips on how I'd style the chair:

First I'd lay a sheepskin on the base of the chair and have it drape over the bottom slightly, like the picture above.  Second, I'd add a comfy, round seat cushion made with the star fabric, and last I'd add some extra pillows for back support and color.

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children's art gallery wall

This week on Babycinno Kids I show how to put together a Children's Art Gallery Wall. My son Henrik loves to draw and build and I love to see him happily creating and coming up with new pieces.  There just isn't enough room to store all of his work.  Usually what I'll do is display his art for a week and then throw it in the recycle bin (don't tell him).  I do try and save only the best pieces for posterity.

Before preschool started I wanted to do something special with all the art Henrik has done this summer. He took some wonderful classes from my friend Annie.  I decided to display all his work together like a Gallery wall, but make him feel like it was an Art exhibit.  An Art Gallery wall is something very easy to put together all you need is washi tape and your child's art.

Here's what I did:

* I started with the main, or anchor piece of art.  I chose Henrik's poured painting.  It is the biggest and most colorful of his work.

* With the washi tape I started taping the other bigger pieces.  I kept all the pieces about an inch or two from each other.  To create interest I placed a couple of pieces staggered further from the rest.  I played around with it a little until I was satisfied.  There is no wrong way to do it.

* I then added Henriks smaller art and some more objects, pieces I thought would be fun for my kids to interact with, like the small mirror.

I wanted this to be a surprise for Henrik, so I quickly put it together while he was playing in the other room.  When I finished I called Henrik into the room and it was fun to see the look on his face.  He was really excited and recognized that it was his art on the wall.  Maja was excited too and wanted to rip everything off the wall.

This is a great opportunity to ask your child questions and talk about their art, what's their favorite piece, who is the green guy, etc.  I also think it makes them feel special and gets them excited about art in general.

I think next time I'll do an exhibit with his art and display it everywhere, maybe make some treats and invite a few of his friends.


love mae wrapping paper

Love Mae has recently launched The most beautiful collection of 100% recyclable wrapping paper. There are so many great patterns to choose, my favorites are:  dream weaver, charcoal stripes, confetti, red roses, and of course the red polka.  Love Mae will offer a free sheet of wrap with any purchase you make, all you need to do is quote 'Blog' when ordering.
To check out my feature on Love Mae's wall stickers click here.
I love finding new pretty paper, there are endless possibilities of things to create or cover with it.  For example, maybe your mouse house needs a little sprucing up.  I had so much fun covering this kids on roof house with paper and wish I had had some Love Mae wrapping paper to choose from.
If you would like to see how I covered this mouse house stay tuned for an upcoming tutorial.

nordic woodland boy's room

I really, really love this graphic wallpaper from fine little day and the way Susanna Vento used it in her Helsinki home.

This wallpaper would be perfect for a child's room and I would particularly love to use it in a boy's room and give it a natural nordic look.  Here's what I'd do with the gran wallpaper:  I'd add a reindeer hide, an Oeuf bunk bed, an animal alphabet poster and a few pops of yellow.

1.wallpaper 2.owl 3.lamp 4.bunk bed 5.reindeer hide 6.rocker 7.cushion 8.alphabet print

5 tips for living with children's toys and furniture

Children naturally want to be everywhere you are.  Why not make it easier on both of you by incorporating their furniture and toys in with your living space.  Today I will be on Studio 5 sharing 5 tips on how to blend children's furniture and toys into adult spaces harmoniously.  If you don't have the opportunity to watch me on Studio 5, here are the 5 tips:

Tip #1.  Have a place for everything.  Have a designated spot for each kind of toy and know where they belong.  For example, we have a large red basket that sits nicely inside our storage box and stores all the dress ups.  This makes finding the skeleton costume that much easier.

Tip #2.  Have a variety of storage options that can function for dual purposes.  For example, we bought a play table that is also used as our coffee table.  The coffee table/play table can be used for storing toys, playing and drawing on top of, as well as a place to rest your feet and read a book.

Tip #3.  Have a creative nook.  A place to draw, color and work on puzzles, etc.  Children are naturally very creative and need lots of opportunity to express their creativity.  They can do that so much easier and more often if the creative tools are within their reach.

Tip #4.  Play with color and patterns.  Don't be afraid of using color and patterns in your space.  Mix it up with color and experiment with different color combinations and patterns.

Tip #5.  Have fun doing it!  Designing your home should be enjoyable and is an expression of who you are.  Who says that children's 'stuff' can't be sophisticated or that adult spaces can't be colorful and carefree.

If you would like to utilize these tips in your home I have made a download for a tips cheat sheet. When you're out shopping you can take it with you to help make decisions easier.


wall stickers

Instead of using a mobile over my daughter's crib I decided to put up wall stickers.  I wanted something that she could look at but didn't want to hang a long piece of string (her room has high, vaulted ceilings). I knew just the wall stickers for her woodland inspired Nursery.  The Oh Dear mixed with the build a tree from Love Mae.  To give it a little more personality, I hung a thrifted vintage owl and a cuckoo clock on the tree's branches. Wall stickers are a great option for one who doesn't want to commit to a wallpaper.  They are easy to place and remove easily as well.  The Love Mae wall stickers can be reused many times.  I think I've already removed and replaced mine three times.

There are so many great options of wall stickers to choose.  A few that I think would look perfect over a crib are the Rain Clouds, the Cotton Candy Clouds,  and the Flying High hot air balloons.

I can't help but share this picture.  One of my all time favorites captured by Yan.  I love that smile!


wallpaper for a boy's room

Wallpaper is a fun way to add color, pattern and the personality of the child in their room.  My son Henrik (his room is pictured above) loves to dress up as a pirate and enjoys playing with ships and their cargo.  The Out To Sea Map wallpaper by Ralph Lauren is perfect for him.  The nautical map is graphic and colorful making it easy to chart his next pirate adventure.

Here are a few more of my favorites for a boy's room.

1.  The Car Enthusiast.  Vintage toy cars make up this colorful wallpaper from Studio Ditte

2.  The Adventurer.  Inspired by sea charts of old the Pirate Seas wallpaper from Hibou Home is full of sea monsters and ship wrecks.

3.  The Animal Lover.  Graphic silhouetted animals live in harmony on Ferm living's Animal Farm wallpaper.

4.  The Cowboy.  Cowboys and cacti are a plenty on this classic Cath Kidston Cowboy wallpaper.