hallway gallery wall with josef frank wallpapers

Our upstairs hallway has been looking a little drab and boring lately.  Don't get me wrong, I love the Edward S. Curtis photographs that are hanging there, but I needed to add some color into that space. While I was at Svenskt Tenn, the assistant who was cutting my fabric, gave me samples of every single Josef Frank wallpaper.  At first I thought, "this will be great to show my clients" But the more I looked at the samples the more I wanted to do something more with them.  So, I decided to do an entire gallery wall with all the beautiful colorful patterns.

Here are the before pictures of the hallway...

hallwayAnd here's what it looks like after...


Most of the samples were already cut into 8.25" x 11.75" size rectangles.  The rest of the samples I cut into the same size.  I didn't have enough wallpaper samples to make the three rows of five that I wanted, so I used two fabric scraps that I had, and you can't even tell the difference.

hallway3For the frames I used the super simple, white ikea Nyttja frame (it only cost $3.99 each!).  I bought a block of water color paper and cut each sheet to fit the frames.  I then taped  (with artist tape) the wallpaper onto it, using my eye to center it.

hallway4Hanging the frames was pretty easy as well.  My husband was nice enough to do most of the hanging for me.  We actually used the existing hooks that we had in the wall for the photographs and added an additional frame in between them.  It turned out to be a perfect 3.5" spacing.  We then did a row below and above the first row.  Making sure to measure exactly 4" spacing vertically and 3.5" spacing horizontally.  This type of gallery wall is one you have to measure exactly and use a level if you can.  We ended up just using our ruler because our level wasn't so level any more.


I really love how it turned out.  It accentuates the wall more and makes it look bigger and brighter.  Not to mention it makes me so happy every time I walk by.  It it will also make for a great sample wall to show my clients how great Josef Frank wallpapers look on an actual wall.  Win win!


Wallpaper is a great way to add color, pattern and personality into your child's space.  There are so many fun things to do with wallpaper.  Today on Stephmodo I share a few of my tips on how to use wallpaper in your child's room. I thought I would share some wallpaper with you.  Enjoy!

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nordic woodland boy's room

I really, really love this graphic wallpaper from fine little day and the way Susanna Vento used it in her Helsinki home.

This wallpaper would be perfect for a child's room and I would particularly love to use it in a boy's room and give it a natural nordic look.  Here's what I'd do with the gran wallpaper:  I'd add a reindeer hide, an Oeuf bunk bed, an animal alphabet poster and a few pops of yellow.

1.wallpaper 2.owl 3.lamp 4.bunk bed 5.reindeer hide 6.rocker 7.cushion 8.alphabet print

wallpaper for a boy's room

Wallpaper is a fun way to add color, pattern and the personality of the child in their room.  My son Henrik (his room is pictured above) loves to dress up as a pirate and enjoys playing with ships and their cargo.  The Out To Sea Map wallpaper by Ralph Lauren is perfect for him.  The nautical map is graphic and colorful making it easy to chart his next pirate adventure.

Here are a few more of my favorites for a boy's room.

1.  The Car Enthusiast.  Vintage toy cars make up this colorful wallpaper from Studio Ditte

2.  The Adventurer.  Inspired by sea charts of old the Pirate Seas wallpaper from Hibou Home is full of sea monsters and ship wrecks.

3.  The Animal Lover.  Graphic silhouetted animals live in harmony on Ferm living's Animal Farm wallpaper.

4.  The Cowboy.  Cowboys and cacti are a plenty on this classic Cath Kidston Cowboy wallpaper.