Biarritz, France: wheels and waves part one

This summer has been a very busy one, probably THE busiest of my life.  We have been doing a lot of traveling and I've been taking a lot of pictures.  I  just haven't posted anything yet.  All that is going to change starting now. biarritz

These cool postcards were made by Lucky Left Hand.

Today I wanted to share part one of our magical trip to Biarritz, France.  It was one of the most memorable trips that I've ever been on and I got to meet some of the nicest, most creative, genuine people.  I was in heaven!


Biarritz is one of the most beautiful picturesque resort towns, made famous for it's surfing in the sixties.  Biarritz is the furthest south west town in France.  From our hotel we could see Spain.  Everywhere you walk there are beautiful views of the ocean, and the iconic lighthouse.


biarritz3As many of you may know my husband Nicholas is a wildlife and landscape painter.  What some of you may not know is that he paints and rides motorcycles as well.  It's one of his many passions.  He loves everything about them, particularly early 1910-1960's bikes.


This year Nick was thrilled to be invited to the Wheels and Waves exhibit in Biarritz, France.  This is the third year that they have been doing this type of a motorcycle show, and It's growing.  I've been to motorcycle shows in the states before, but nothing compares to this one.  I was blown away.  I couldn't believe the amount of people from all over Europe flocking to see the exhibit.  I also was so surprised by the caliber of bikes and art at the show.  What impressed me even more than anything were the people.  I've never been around a more gracious, classy, artistic group of people.  They do it all purely for the love of what they do and they're nice about it.


The exhibit was in an old abandoned Renault service Garage, which was a perfect venue for all the art, bikes and other items on exhibit.


Here's an example of one of the "new" bikes.  Single and Twin classic Motorcycles from Hamburg builds the most beautiful classic bikes.  Particularly Brittish BSA bikes.  I had so much fun visiting with the builder and his wife.  He told me that the gear shifter was once his aunt's titanium hip, ha!


The exhibit also had incredible one of a kind BMW vintage bikes that are usually in the BMW Museum in Munchen.


When we arrived in Biarritz, we needed to hang all ten of Nicholas' large motorcycle paintings.  Unfortunately customs went through all the paintings and re packed them. When we got the crate all the frames were broken.


Nick and I had to put all the frames back together again as well as hang everything.  Needless to say we had limited tools for fixing the frames (about 20 staples to be exact) and our hanging skills were a little rusty.  We had to measure several times to get everything hanging right.


The amazingly talented photographer, Bernard Testemale, was also there taking large format photographs with his view finder camera on glass plate negatives.  He even had his own portable dark room.  I loved every minute of it, asking him a million questions.  He's one out of a small group of people that still uses this old process.  The images he took while here were STUNNING!!!

biarritz12He even took some pictures of us.

biarritz13The night of the exhibit was packed.  There was a line down the street of people waiting to get in.  I couldn't believe it.  Now that's some die hard motorcycle enthusiasts.  It was fun visiting with and getting to know so many new and interesting people.


The week of the exhibit there were several outings and events planned.  One of the events was a surf competition.


Being in Biarritz felt like a time warp.  I felt like I was transported to another era, a times when life was a little simpler, and a little sweeter.  I mean look at this cool surfer.


I did my best to fit in with all the stylish people and bathing beauties in my Lime Ricki gingham vintage inspired high waisted swimsuit.  It might take a few more weeks of bathing in the sun to get that pastey white body of mine a prettier shade.


No one compares to this lovely lady, Tanya.  We got to know Tanya a little while in Biarittz.  She was nice enough to drive us around in her 62 Ford Falcon (more on that in part two),  Tanya is such a classy, beautiful lady who takes everything in stride, and I was so impressed with her driving skills.  I hope one day I can be half as cool as Tanya, she's my idol.


Nick and I did a LOT of walking around Biarritz (we didn't bring helmets and therefore couldn't ride a motorcycle).  We got to see a lot of the city and I was so overwhelmed by all the beautiful and interesting buildings and homes.


biarritz19Well, that concludes part one of my tour of Biarritz.  I hope you enjoyed it and were somewhat inspired by it.

All the photographs were taken by myself or my husband, Nicholas Coleman, except the two of us hanging the show and the polaroid.  The polaroid was by Bernard and the two of us by the ever gracious Cyril Dunn.   Thanks Cyril!

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I'm back!!!

Hello Everyone!  It's been a looooong time.  Maybe some of you have wondered if I was ever going to post anything again.  Well, you'll be happy to know I'm back!  The past few months have been really busy for me, working on jobs outside of blogging, some that I can't talk about yet, but I can't wait to share!  Because I've been MIA for so long I thought I'd catch you up on some of the things that have been keeping me busy. The spring cleaning/dejunking bug has bit me and I have pretty much torn apart every room in our house.  My husband has kindly suggested that I might start and finish one room at a time.  But, where's the fun in that?  That most definitely doesn't suit my personality.  Once I get an idea in my head I have to act on it right away, and I sometimes don't always finish a project.  You might call me impulsive.


Following my sometimes impulsive personality, I joined my husband for a spur of the moment trip to Portland, Oregon.  He forgot his temporary driver's license and couldn't rent a car, so we decided I needed to come out there and rent one for him.  It was a very short trip, but one of the most spontaneous, fun and inspiring ones for both of us.  We loved Portland!  Not to mention we were there for one of Portland's largest snow storms and freezing rain.  Because it never snows in Portland no one plows the streets and the streets were covered in snow.  It made everything feel extra cozy and slightly frightening watching people drive in the snow.


Henrik has been keeping very busy with his clay guys.  I've given up on keeping my kitchen table tidy.  And for some reason he is really into making all his people with buck teeth.  He made a cute portrait of me and Hazel, thankfully I didn't have buck teeth but luscious red lips instead.  He must know something I don't.


I've been working on a few painting projects as well as restocking my house with house plants.  I killed all of last years plants by either over watering or forgetting about them entirely and not watering at all.  Here's to hoping I do a better job this year.


I've always been so inspired by Josef Frank's textiles.  I love how his inspiration was largely from the organic shapes found in flowers and foliage.  His textiles are almost 100 years old, yet they remain so fresh and timeless.  I can't wait to show you what I'm doing with these textiles.


I've been thrifting a lot lately and finding some really great pieces.  Last weekend I went to the fleattitude with my friend Brittany, and I brought home way too many things.  Jenny from the blog Dos Family said:  (I'm) "Filling my home with clutter one flea market at a time."  I couldn't have said it any better myself, that is so me!  Vintage items can be so inspiring to me and I love searching for that unique piece that no one else has.  Vintage pieces tell a story and give a depth and soul to a space, that something shiny and new cannot.  Don't get me wrong, I do like shinny and new too.


I've always known I was no good at getting my picture taken and selfies are even worse, maybe it's a good thing?

Having two children and a dog, there are a lot of messes in our home (not to mention all the ones I make).  I love the messes the kids make when they are deep in their imaginary worlds, making and creating.  It's such a special time to be able to be imaginative and playful and seeing my children play reminds me of my own creative childhood.  It makes me so happy to see them play.


My husband and I went on a trip to San Antonio, Texas for one of his shows at the newly renovated Briscoe Museum.  I really enjoyed the city and was pleasantly surprised by all the beautiful Art Deco architecture.  It was such a beautiful city, I can't wait to go back!


I always enjoy picking up a piece of art or something to remember my trip, and I picked up this beautiful milagro in San Antonio.


For years now, I've had this crazy idea to color coordinate and cover all my books in my office in colored butcher paper.  This took far too long to do and I got side tracked with other projects (like painting the porcelain below) too many times.


But, I finally finished it!  And am happy with the results.  I also ran out of books and had to steal some children's books from my kids.  Luckily they have almost as many books as I do.

Every morning when I go into Maja's room I ask her how she slept.  The other day she said:  "Good, Haek waked me up" and put her finger to her mouth, like she needed to contemplate it a bit more.  She likes to tattle on her brother and it's a running joke in our family that she'll tell us he woke her up almost every morning.


I feel so lucky to have a wonderful husband who not only surprises me with paintings, but will play with and read to my children.  Growing up without a father in the home, I didn't really know what all the fuss was with fathers.  Now I know, and I get to enjoy it and live vicariously through my children.


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Maja's chalkboard wall

A while back I posted about Maja's room and how I was making some changes.  Today I am excited to share the first section of changes I did in her room.  If you remember from my post, Maja was doing a lot of drawing on the wallpaper with her Poo! Disgusting!  In an effort to direct her creative expression somewhere more easily removable and less gross, I decided to remove the bird wallpaper and paint the entire wall in black chalkboard paint. Amazingly it only took two quarts of paint to cover the entire wall.

maja's-chalboard-wall1.0I am so happy with how it turned out.  It makes the room feel less busy and less like a Nursery and more like a little girl's room.


My children really enjoy the chalkboard wall as well.  They have had so much fun drawing on every surface of the wall.


On the right side of the wall there is a hidden pocket door that leads to our storage closet.  I love how playful it looks when my friend drew faux moulding and a knob on the door.


We also swapped out Maja's crib for my narrow twin bed that I had growing up.

maja's-chalboard-wall5My mother found this antique Danish bed when I was not much older than Maja.  This bed is not only a beautiful piece of furniture, but also very sentimental to me.  It makes me so happy to see my daughter sleeping in the same bed I slept in as a child.

maja's-chalboard-wall6I found this rabbit night light while in a Paris children's shop last year.  The stripe knit cloud pillow is from Colette Bream.  Everything she makes is absolutely spectacular and so whimsical and creative.


The vintage Pippi Longstocking pillow I found in a darling shop in Stockholm several years back.  The amazing Wolf portrait is also hand knit by Colette Bream.  Isn't it incredible?  I love it so much, the perfect addition to her room!

maja's-chalboard-wall8I'm also dying over this badger rug!  What child doesn't need a badger rug in their room?  He's so soft and comfortable too, made from handmade wool felt.  He came from the darling kid's online shop Molly-Meg.  Not only does she carry beautiful children's accessories and decor, but unique vintage child's chairs as well!

Besides the Marimekko curtains, I infused some more red into the room with the bedding.  I purchased this cute Japanese strawberry fabric from an Etsy shop and sewed it into a duvet cover.

maja's-chalboard-wall9I hope you enjoy!  Stay tuned for more pictures of Maja's room.

Next week I'll be heading to Stockholm, I'm so excited!  I'll have some pictures from my trip to post in the next little while.  You can also follow my adventures on Instagram, onemoremushroom.

dollhouse diy

I haven't been posting much lately on One More Mushroom and I apologize for this.  Things have been a bit hectic lately, sending off shipments of the Henrik bed and other exciting projects in the works (more on the projects later!). As a child I remember receiving a custom made dollhouse for Christmas and I was in heaven.  I loved playing with it and spent many hours re-arranging the furniture, and adding special little touches to the dollhouse (I think this may have sparked my love of interior design).

doll-house-diySeveral months ago I found this vintage dollhouse at a thrift store for $6 and I couldn't pass it up.  I was so excited to customize a doll (or mouse) house for my little Henrik and Maja to play with.  I loved that it was a simple A-frame house and had a built in kitchen.  At first I wanted to keep the house in the original natural wood, but there were a lot of dents and dings in the wood and some really ugly carpets glued into the dollhouse that left marks and glue all over, so I decided to paint the entire thing white.  I had to paint a few coats to get the paint to cover evenly and look nice.  I used a straight white paint with a satin finish.   I then covered the walls and floor with scrapbook paper and wrapping paper.  I decided not to use too many papers and colors so that the mice would stand out.


I like using mice for the dollhouse instead of dolls and am obsessed with these Maileg Mice, I cannot get over them and their amazing outfits, I want what they are wearing!


I enlisted the help of Henrik to paint the mouse portrait above and I love how it turned out.  He enjoyed painting it so much that he made several more portraits (I may have to rotate them).


Henrik really can't wait to have some of his claymation guys move into the may get crowded very soon.


Having children of my own has given me the opportunity to relive some of my favorite parts about my own childhood.  I love to watch my children interact with each other and play and be creative.  I hope that they will enjoy playing with their doll (mouse) house as much as I loved playing with mine.

The beautiful mice illustrations above the dollhouse are from Radish Moon.

thrift find...fabric, shoes and more

This week I went thrifting and found a blue and yellow pillow, a black and white stripe top for Maja, red fabric with white boats, and mint condition patent leather Mary Janes.

I think the trick to thrifting is to go with zero expectations, that way everything you find is a pleasant surprise.  I also only buy something if it is absolutely perfect and I have a purpose for it.

The shoes fit Maja perfectly.  Now she just needs to start walking in them.

Thrift find…vintage books

Recently while thrifting I found four more of my favorite Junior Deluxe Edition books.  It always feels like Christmas when I do find them. The books are hardbound and come in a variety of colors with beautiful embossed designs on the cover, back, and spine. Often when I come in the living room to check on Henrik I find him sprawled on the floor with a stack of the Junior Deluxe books looking at the pictures.  He loves them just as much as I do.  Last night we read 'Puss in Boots' and it brought back memories of my childhood reading with my mother.  I can't wait until he is a little older and we can read the longer chapter books together.

Some of my favorites that I've collected over the years are:  The Wizard of Oz, The Wind in the Willows, Grimm's Fairy Tales, Andersen's Fairy Tales, Robin Hood, and National Velvet.  If you're interested in collecting them too, you can find them here.