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how to make your own camp meta

During the A Midsummer Mingle event each of the hosts created an "experience", a space that represented us.  I chose to make a mountain retreat.  A place warm and inviting to come and sit and relax, or maybe write some letters.  I wanted to make the space particularly inviting for children.  When I was a child growing up I loved to make cozy spaces and forts.  I still love to make things cozy for small people. camp-metaIf you didn't get a chance to visit camp Meta at our event I thought I'd give you a tour of the space I decorated, with some guidelines on how to make your own Camp Meta.  Here are some steps on how to create your own perfect cozy retreat.

camp-meta21.  It's most important to have children to inspire you for the space,  and who will want to play in it.  My little scraggly bunch love playing and pretending at Camp Meta.


2.  An ample supply of globes to chart out your next adventure.


3.  Pictures of family and art to make the space feel like home.   The picture above is my mother when she was little.


3.  Soft pillows to rest your head on.  How cute is this so brave so strong pillow by Roxy Marj.



5.  Comfy bedding, and blankets.


4.  A desk for writing letters, or just drawing pictures of round, stick-like family members.


5.  A thermos, an owl bank, and a one-eyed clay guy.


6.  Layered rugs to soften the floor.


7.  Lighting.


7.  Black forrest elements.  I love this picture of my husband when he was a boy.

Here is a mood board of what you'll need to get the look and make your own Camp Meta.

camp-meta14{1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8}

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Anders and Oliver's room part 2: Storage and art display, and play space

I am excited to share with you part 2 of Anders and Oliver's room tour.  As you can see from the before pictures below I had a nice clean slate to work with.

Sage and Tim have an amazing and large collection of art that they have received from their friends (who are artists).  I thought it would be nice to showcase the art together on one wall.  I also found some sepia toned vintage photographs that worked perfectly with our outdoor/vintage theme.  The art in a child's room can elevate their room and make it feel like a room they can grow in to.  By placing the art together in a gallery wall, the eye is imediately drawn to the art.  For tips on how to hang your own gallery wall click here.

The boys needed storage for their toys that could be easily accessible.  Two Stuva benches from ikea were a perfect fit.  The boys are able to sit and play on top of the benches and easily slide the drawers open where all of their toys are stored.  I found the large globe and the first aid box at thrift stores, but you can find something similar here and here.

Anders and Oliver are very active little boys who enjoy drawing, dressing up and going on adventures, so naturally they needed a tepee for planning their adventures.  Sage did such a great job making the tepee out of pvc pipes and a drop cloth from the hardware store.  I don't know which tutorial she used but here's one from Smile and Wave that looks fairly easy to follow.  To make the pvc pipes look like wood Sage wrapped them in brown twine.

We wanted to personalize the storage benches a bit more so we added the mini build a tree and the mini forest critters wall stickers from Love Mae mixed with washi tape.

Sage already had the darling vintage Fisher Price A frame home, but you can find an exact one here.

I made up my own pattern for the campfire pillow but I got the idea and copied it exactly from Vintage Junky.

Sage did such an amazing job working on so many projects to get this room finished, she was so wonderful and fun to work with.

Photographer Carolee Beckham took all the pictures.  She captured the room and the boys perfectly.  I had such a hard time editing all the photos because there were SO many great ones to choose.  I particularly love the pictures she took of Sage and the boys in the tepee.

Next week I will be posting part 3!  If you would like to see part 1 click here.

Anders and Oliver's room part 1: sleeping nook

I am thrilled to share with you part 1 of Anders and Oliver's room tour.  When Sage (mother to these darling twin boys) asked me to design their room I was delighted.  I was even more excited when I saw their beautiful period craftsman home and saw that their room was spacious and empty. Here are the before pictures.

Sage and her husband Tim love design that is simple and utilitarian with a vintage feel.  The boys are also very active and needed a lot of space for creativity and play.  I decided to divide the room into different sections:  a sleeping nook, storage and art display, a reading nook, and a play space.  Today I will be sharing with you the sleeping nook in their room.  The inspiration for Anders and Oliver's room came from the outdoors, particularly vintage Boys Scouts mixed with bright colors of greens, reds and blues.

The beautiful wood doors were already painted an odd cream color from the previous owner, so we decided to paint them with a kelly green chalkboard paint that we made.  The instructions on how to make your own chalkboard paint can be found here.  The chalkboard gives the boys a way to express their creativity (hopefully just on the doors).  The green also adds a nice pop of color.

The beds I designed to look similar to a vintage cot bed.  I had my wood worker build them for about the same price as an Ikea bed.  To keep the price down, Sage painted them herself a straight white from the can in a satin finish.

The Marimekko Bo Boo quilt was Tim's as a child.  Sage found another one on ebay and sewed a second quilt to match it.  I think it is so important to include pieces that are personal and nostalgic in your children's spaces.

The map was a vintage piece that Sage's mother had in her classroom and gave to the boys.  You can find something similar here.

The metal industrial side table I found thrifting.  The color is a perfect grey/blue and is just the right size to fit under the window.  The beautiful lantern nightlight is from The Land of Nod as well as the O and A Pillows.  The enamel mugs are from Best Made.  The blankets are vintage Pendleton and Hudson Bay.  You can find something similar here and here.

The beautiful photographs were taken by the wonderfully talented Carolee Beckham.  She did such an amazing job capturing the boys and their room.  She has such a talent for capturing people in their spaces, my favorite kind of photographs.

Aren't Anders and Oliver just the cutest?  They have the most delightful and fun mom too!

Next week I will be showing you part 2 and 3, stay tuned!