Henrik's puppet party

Last month on September 16th, my little boy Henrik turned 7.  I can't believe he's getting so old!  As some of you may already know, Henrik is a creative little boy and loves to make things with his hands.  For the past two years Henrik has been really into making clay figures and creatures, we even did a claymation party last year.  Lately Henrik has not been sculpting as much (which makes me sad), and all he wants to do is make puppets.  He spends every spare moment looking at puppet books and researching new techniques to make puppets.  I can't keep up with him and his creations and puppet clippings, I find them EVERYWHERE.  He has a very intense, and driven personality, I don't know where he gets it from, ha! henriks-puppet-party

This year we decided to do a puppet Birthday party for Henrik and his school friends. Being a social guy and considering everyone his friend, he wanted to invite his entire class.  I helped him realize that inviting 20+ children might not be the best thing for his Mama's sanity and helped him shorten the guest list to about 7-8 friends.


For Henrik's birthday we gave him a few how to puppet books, some vintage muppets, and a puppet theater.  I made the puppet theater from the Ikea Skylta market stand.  I painted the entire stand in Martha Stewart's Ink Encre Tinta chalkboard paint.  I repainted over the red stripes on the roof in rust red, to make it look hand drawn.  I also painted the sign that attaches to the stand in gold paint and black chalkboard paint.  I sewed two simple curtains with two yards of black and white gingham fabric, using a tension rod to hold the curtains up.  I also painted two strips of leather with red paint, and used snaps to fasten the curtains back.  Henrik was so thrilled to see his new puppet theater and immediately started to perform a puppet show for us.



For the party we decided to keep the puppet making simple.  We used fuzzy multicolored socksgoogly eyes and felt.  We let the kids cut and pick out all the pieces they wanted to make for their puppet, but left the hot gluing to the adults.  It was so fun to see all the innovative little creatures they came up with.  There was a white wolf, constantine, a cowboy, a blue monster, a puppet with a thick mustache, and a few more that I can't remember.


After they had made their puppets we let them each perform a little puppet show for us.


Maja got a little overwhelmed with all these boys running around and had a little meltdown.  It's tough being the princess of the party.


Eventually she calmed down and joined the puppet show with her princess puppet.


I was pleasantly surprised by how much fun the kids had making their puppets and performing with them.  We had so much fun doing it with them too.


The puppet performances were quite entertaining.



We even got a portrait of each of the kids with their puppets.  I loved watching them interact with their creations.  What sweet little boys.


how to make your own camp meta

During the A Midsummer Mingle event each of the hosts created an "experience", a space that represented us.  I chose to make a mountain retreat.  A place warm and inviting to come and sit and relax, or maybe write some letters.  I wanted to make the space particularly inviting for children.  When I was a child growing up I loved to make cozy spaces and forts.  I still love to make things cozy for small people. camp-metaIf you didn't get a chance to visit camp Meta at our event I thought I'd give you a tour of the space I decorated, with some guidelines on how to make your own Camp Meta.  Here are some steps on how to create your own perfect cozy retreat.

camp-meta21.  It's most important to have children to inspire you for the space,  and who will want to play in it.  My little scraggly bunch love playing and pretending at Camp Meta.


2.  An ample supply of globes to chart out your next adventure.


3.  Pictures of family and art to make the space feel like home.   The picture above is my mother when she was little.


3.  Soft pillows to rest your head on.  How cute is this so brave so strong pillow by Roxy Marj.



5.  Comfy bedding, and blankets.


4.  A desk for writing letters, or just drawing pictures of round, stick-like family members.


5.  A thermos, an owl bank, and a one-eyed clay guy.


6.  Layered rugs to soften the floor.


7.  Lighting.


7.  Black forrest elements.  I love this picture of my husband when he was a boy.

Here is a mood board of what you'll need to get the look and make your own Camp Meta.

camp-meta14{1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8}

This post is sponsored by Schoolhouse Electric and Supply Co.

tramp frame diy

I've had a Fuji Instax mini camera for many years and love taking it with me on family trips.  It's fun to document parts of the trip the old fashioned analog way.  My kids get a kick out of it too and love taking pictures of each other.  Most the time we'll tape up the polaroids on a wall in parts of our house or down the stairs that lead to our basement. tramp-frame

At camp Meta we provided guests with polaroid photos of themselves as well as their choice of one of the multicolored tramp style frames.  I thought it would be fun for guests to document their "stay" and put it in a cute frame as well.  The tramp style of frames fit perfectly with the Pacific Northwest look I had going on.


Luckily I had some darling colorful card stock paper options from American Crafts.  As well as an amazing printer that cut the frames out for me!  All I had to do was design them in illustrator and upload them onto cricut's site.  It was really easy, and that's coming from someone who is NOT tech savvy at all.


We've had a very busy summer (more on all that later) and had some opportunities to visit some beautiful places.  I love how some of my polaroids from our trips turned out.  It's not always easy getting the exposure correct (there are only four light settings represented by icons: house, cloudy, semi sunny, and sunny).  It definitely makes it exciting when waiting to see how your picture turned out.


The colorful tramp frames are a fun way to make your polaroid look that much more important.  I love how it turned out.  I put some of our pictures by my bedside, and can have a constant reminder of the wonderful memories we made this summer.


If you'd like to make some of your own frames click here for the free download.

All you need is some 12 x 12 card stock and a cricut printer.  When uploading the frames you may have to resize the file to 11.5 x 11.5.  Enjoy!

a midsummer mingle part 2

I can't stop thinking about what a special night it was celebrating A Midsummer Mingle with all of our guests.  As hosts we each were given a space to decorate and make our own.   We wanted our guests to be able to experience our different personalities, and be able to interact with and get something out of each of our different sections.  After choosing a refreshing ice tea, guests were invited to walk through the beautiful stone pathway to Camp Meta. a-midsummer-mingle-2

(these two darling sisters were at camp Meta taking photographs for everyone)

Camp Meta was the experience that I got to share with everyone.  I wanted to create a kid's retreat.  A place my kid's, or any kid would want to go to sleep, play, draw, and just be a kid.  The inspiration for the space came from the outdoors, and my son Henrik and his love of exploration.


I wanted the space to be playful and warm and inviting.  I will be talking more in detail on the inspiration and how to put together your own "Camp" in my next post.


At camp Meta guest were invited to have their pictures taken with the Fuji instax camera.  Which takes the cutest credit card size photos.  Thanks to Fujifilm for providing us with the cameras and film.


I also had a table filled with multiple colored tramp style frames for guests to frame their new portraits.  These frames were all made with the amazing Cricut printer.  I'll be sharing more on the paper frames and a DIY this week as well.


After staying a bit at camp Meta, guests could tiptoe through the flowers and visit Brittany's beautiful, colorful space.


Needless to say it was dreamy, with all the colorful multicolor banners, as well as an installation of balloons and oversized flowers scattered throughout the space.


Some of the banners were a string of beautiful felt balls (my favorite material) from Hello Maypole.


Guest were invited to make an origami business card holder as well as these beautiful paper lanterns made by the Cricut printer.  For the tutorial click here.


Guests then were encouraged to move to the Eva's moody blue minimal bohemian space.  Eva made the most beautiful shingled wall of all of her indigo blue wrapping papers.


Guests were asked to write down their favorite thing about summer.


They then were invited to hang up what they wrote with a clothes pin on the hanging twine, or on the large board with the quote by William Shakespeare, "Summer I Salute Thee".  The lettering Was all done with a Cricut printer. For the tutorial click here.


After Eva's blue bohemian space guests were invited to walk up the stairs to enter into Sarah's A Midsummer Night's Dream.


What a dreamy imaginative space.  Guests were invited to take a mask (printed with the cricut) and take a picture in front of the balloon arch with the darling family tree wall decal behind it.  For a tutorial on how to make your own mask click here.


Sarah illustrated these darling, oversized characters for her space in the them of  'A Midsummer Night's Dream'.  I wanted to take them home and play with them.  She also illustrated gorgeous oversized flowers.


Our guests were also invited to explore some of the tasty treats and interactive prizes that our local sponsors had to offer.  Mend Juice Press offered a selection of wonderfully tasting and healthy cold pressed beverages for our guests.  Blinckenstaff's and Called to Surf  had a beautifully decorated space for guests to sit and enjoy the view as well see the new exciting products that they are launching.  For something a little more sweet Cocoa Bean had a wonderful assortment of cupcakes and cookies, yum!



Guests then were able to meander down the stairs where the food and other hosts experiences were.  In Merrilee's experience she had illustrated a beautiful large map of the world with a station for her darling character, Tilda.  Tilda even made an appearance in a stunning red striped hot air balloon (my kind of girl).

Merrilee also illustrated this darling portrait of Brittany.  I want one of me too, hint, hint...


The first fifty guests could make their own beautiful floral crown from Merrilee's Playful book (soon to come out this September).  More on the Playful book later.  I can't wait!!!


Guests were also invited to pin where on the map they would like to see Tilda travel to next.  I think I'd like her to go to Amsterdam.


Past the pool with all the colorful balloons and beach balls, guests could experience a bit of heaven in Alma and Melanie's starry experience.  They had the most beautiful hand lettered cards and signs all throughout their space.


Guests got to sit down on the picnic table and make beautiful constellation wrapped candles, made with the Cricut printer.  To see their tutorial click here.


What a wonderful, magical night!!!  Thank you to all who came.  I wish you all could have enjoyed this night with us.  Fortunately Natatie Norton did such an amazing job documenting everything you can get a taste of everything with her photography.

A special thanks to our sponsors:

Save on Crafts for the amazing lighting
Called to Surf and Blickenstaffs


A Midsummer mingle

It's not very often that you get to be surrounded by a group of  talented, hardworking, inspiring, uplifting people.  I have felt so fortunate to call these ladies my friends and learn from and be inspired by them as we have come together and build each other up. a-midsummer-mingle14

(Brittany, me, Eva, Sarah, Merrilee, Melanie, and Alma (not pictured, but still loved))

In an effort to do the same to our community; to inspire, uplift and say thank you to all our readers and supporters who have given us so much, Brittany had the idea to throw a garden party.  She invited us on as hosts and I couldn't have been more happy with how everything turned out.  It was so fun to be able to collaborate with creative, likeminded ladies.  We couldn't have done this party without the generous support of our sponsors: Cricut, Save on Crafts, Land of Nod, Atly, Called to Surf, and Blinckenstaff's, to name just a few.  The photographs are all by the lovely Natalie Norton.  There were so many beautiful images I had a really hard time editing and deciding which ones not to use.   I had such a hard time I decided to post part two later this week.


At the entrance was a gorgeous balloon arch installation with the lovely sign designed by Mer.  Each guest received their very own floral crown (designed by Amy Anne), a canvas tote filled with goodies from Minted, Hello Maypole, Darly Bird, and so much more.

a-midsummer-mingle2The balloon installation was created by Brittany and her amazingly talented group of interns, as was the vision and concept for the party.  They put so much hard work into this event and I think it exceeded all of our expectations.

One of Brittany's ideas was for each of the hosts to provide an "experience" as well as a craft, or swag, for our guests to take away with them as they meandered along the lovely path in my in-laws back yard. I'll get to our experiences and swag in part two...stay tuned.


The pathway that lead the guests to the beginning of our event was lined with a sea of string lights from Save on Crafts.  Lighting, in my opinion, really sets the mood for any environment and Save on Crafts have so many lovely lighting options.

The guests also received a map beautifully illustrated by Merrilee and letterpressed by Sycamore Street press.  They were so beautiful in person, I want to frame mine.


Rambling Rose Cafe really out did themselves and had this amazing trailer greeting the guests at the beginning with mint and lavender infused ice tea!  It was so good and refreshing.


The guests were invited to wear their summer whites, and I have to say I was so impressed with everyone and their beautiful all white ensembles.  It really set the tone for the entire event.


Rambling Rose Cafe did all the food and it was divine.  I didn't get a chance to eat during the party, but made sure to eat about five goat cheese and cucumber sandwiches while I was cleaning up.  I seriously couldn't stop eating them.


The flowers were arranged by the talented Lizzy's Lilies, the beautiful cakes were by Bake By Me.  All these details were just the perfect addition to really make this event so memorable.


Playing in the background we had a lovely french jazz band, the Red Rock Hot Club.  They played the entire evening.  It was so magical, it felt like I was transported back to France (more on that trip later) and it was the just the right music to set the tone for the evening!


We even had the most darling group of dancers do a maypole dance for the guests.  I was so sad that I missed it.  It is one of my biggest regrets that evening.  Everyone told me how lovely it was.  Sarah Jane's Husband Ken, built the amazing Maypole and Michael Miller provided us with the beautiful colored ribbons.


And yes, those are enormous white beach balls and balloons in the pool.  You should have seen me try to blow up the 48 inch beach ball and throw on table clothes at the same time.  It was comical, if not entertaining, to say the least.


Thank you for indulging us.  I had such a lovely time and it was so fun to be able to really connect with people in person.  Thanks again for all our generous sponsors, we really appreciated everything and couldn't have done it without them.


Thank you to our sponsors:

Cricut (stay tuned for our projects!)
Save on Crafts for the amazing lighting (seriously, they have so many wonderful options!)
Called to Surf and Blickenstaffs
And thank you to the swag bag sponsors: Darly BirdAtlyHello Maypole and Minted.
And a special thanks to all these lovely ladies (and their reluctant spouses?) for all their hard work.  They blew my mind with their ideas and hard work, and I wanted to go shopping in their closets.
Also, Thank you to my in-laws Michael and Jackie Coleman for generously offering their house for the event.  I don't think they knew what they were getting themselves into.


a invitation to a midsummer mingle

a-midsummer-mingle Hello Friends!  I’m so excited to invite you to A Midsummer Mingle, an event the following amazing ladies and I have been planning! Join myself, Brittany of The House that Lars Built, Merrilee of Mer Mag, Sarah of Sarah Jane Studios, Melanie and Alma of Caravan Shoppe, and Eva of Sycamore Street Press. I feel so lucky to be able to do what I love and I owe so very much of that to you! And I want to thank you!! We all feel similarly and have consequentially decided to put together a beautiful celebration on the the longest midsummer day of the year! June 21.

The event will take place in a lovely garden here in town and each of the hosts will be sharing a little bit of magic with you all.  And Cricut is our lovely sponsor so we’ll have a making station with lots of different things to create in addition to entertainment, food, and merry making!


Spots are limited so don’t delay! Grab a babysitter and RSVP early because once we’re booked, we’re booked.


This event is sponsored by Cricut as well as many other vendors like Save on Crafts. Email me,meta [at], if you’re interested in providing swag or would like to provide additional sponsorship to the event.  
The beautiful invitation was made by Merrilee, isn't it so lovely?

Maja's third birthday

A little over a week ago on the 4th of January we celebrated Maja's third Birthday.  I cannot believe that my little girl is getting so big!  She is such a funny little girl and says the funniest things.  She talks and sings much more than her brother ever did at this age.  It is so entertaining listening and communicating with her. maja's-3rd-birthdayMaja's favorite color is pink (ironically my least favorite color).  So, we made sure to have a big pink number three balloon as well as pink and white balloons.  As per our tradition we made sure to have her birthday table ready for her the night before.  In the morning we brought her down stairs to see all her surprises.

maja's-3rd-birthday3It was so fun to see the look of excitement on her face.  This year I found her a lot of unique vintage toys, like the tin stove and fridge.  Along with a beautiful 1930's vintage doll that she accidentally broke a week later.

maja's-3rd-birthday9Maja loves Miffy, and enjoys reading the books with me before nap time.  So, naturally she needed to have a Miffy doll to cuddle.  This crochet version is from Anne Claire Petit.

maja's-3rd-birthday7Maja also loves Tinker Bell.  And will tell me all about Tinker Bell and her friends, especially Terrance.  She calls him Tehwance.   We sprinkled gold confetti around the table to represent Tinker Bell's pixie dust.

One of my favorite gifts that we got her was this darling wood circus from Janod.  It comes in a circus shaped box with circus performers, animals, and circus accessories.

maja's-3rd-birthday4Three is such a wonderful age and I look forward to seeing more and more of her personality.  It's so fun to see her discover things for the first time and see her nurturing instincts come out.  Like swaddling her stuffed animals and dressing and undressing her Calico Critters.

maja's-3rd-birthday6Next week I will share more photos of her Birthday along with a fun diy.  Thanks for indulging me.




henrik's claymation party part two

Henrik's claymation Birthday party was really low key this year.  I didn't stress about anything and did most of the prep work the night before.  I think often times we (or I) can get caught up with everything looking just right, when children don't really care.  What's most important to them is that they are happy and have a good time. Henriks-claymation-party8

A couple of days before the party Henrik's dad baked him a cake for the party.  For whatever reason the cake wouldn't come out of the cake form and we only had half a cake.  I then decided to make a cake from scratch with a special chocolate frosting.  I didn't calculate for the altitude and it was as flat as a pancake.  So, the morning of the party Nick went out and bought Henrik a cake.  The kids didn't know the difference and loved how tall it was.


Instead of giving out party favors in bags to the kids on the way out, we put the prizes on the cake, and the children had to spin for their piece of cake as well as their prize.  I made the spinner with a part of Henrik's lego helicopter and a handmade arrow.  This was a tradition we did as children growing up and I loved it.  The kids thought this was so much fun and couldn't wait till it was their turn.


Henrik has been working on this lanky grey clay fella for a while, and I thought he was a nice addition to our claymation party.


We set up a mini claymation set in the other room, so that the kids could help animate their own movie. But we soon discovered that they weren't that interested in making a movie and would rather run around playing with each other and their new clay figures.  So, Nick ended up "helping" them make a group claymation movie.


Maja enjoyed eating the different variety of cakes.  And even though the first cake didn't look good, it sure tasted good.



Henriks-claymation-party14This little guy had so much fun playing with all the new toys and Maja was happy to show him how they all worked.

Henriks-claymation-party15In years past this party would have been a huge stress on me and I would have viewed it as a bit of a failure.  Which is odd, because although the cakes were ruined and the set didn't turn out how I had envisioned it, the kids had a wonderful time!   But, what I've learned this year through my loss, is that all those little things that we worry so much about don't really matter.  What's most important is if we're happy and healthy and alive.  I find myself now hardly phased by much of the day to day stresses at all.  I guess sometimes it takes losing what you love and  hold most dear to gain greater peace and know what's most important.

To see part one of Henrik's birthday party click here, or his 6th birthday here.

Henrik's claymation party part one

I can't believe it's been six weeks since Henrik's Birthday!  This year we had a small family party as well as a very low key friend party with some of his closest friends. Because Henrik is so passionate about making clay guys and spends a majority of his time working on them, it was obvious that we had to have a claymation party.


The Birthday invitation was made using a photo I had taken of one of the many funny groupings of clay guys Henrik leaves throughout the house.  This year I didn't even end up printing the invitation but emailed it to everyone instead.


We decided to limit the guests to a small manageable group of kids.  That way everyone could have a chance to work on their clay figures and we would be able to make a stop motion animation for each of the kids.

I laid out a large sheet of white butcher paper on the table, along with all the clay and tools they would need. Everyone enjoyed rolling, cutting and molding their clay into whatever shape or character they wanted to make.


Henrik, of course, made another set of Wallace and Gromit.  I think he's already made seven or eight sets of his favorite inventor and his puppy sidekick.



It was so fun to watch the concentration and focus the boys displayed while working on their clay guys.


Maja even got involved in sculpting as well.  She loves to work with "Cay" as well and looks up to her brother wanting to do everything he does.



She may have had to take a break from working to eat some cake, number one of the two cakes I ruined.  More on the cake debacle in part two of Henrik's claymation party.  Stay tuned...

Maja's second Birthday

The beginning of this month we celebrated my daughter Maja's second Birthday.  As is our tradition, I had her Birthday table ready for her when she woke up, decorated with party accessories,  her gifts and her cake.  It was so fun to see the joy and excitement on her face.

This year I kept her party really simple, inviting the Grandparents and serving root beer and chocolate cake.  Maja really enjoyed eating her own large slice.

It was so fun to watch her open her presents.  We gave her a lot of books (most were in German), each book she looked at carefully, turning the pages as if she were reading.  It's so fun to see how maternal she is with her dolls, giving them their bottles and holding them like a baby.  I was especially excited for her to see the sheep pull toy that I made for her and barely finished it in time for the party.  Tomorrow I will share the tutorial.

Check out Minted's blog Julep for more photos of her party and the party accessories I used.

Henrik's super hero party part 2

For Henrik's party we thought it would be fun if the kids did a couple of super hero crafts.  Susan was so nice and made the leather masks that the kids could decorate.  If you would like the tutorial on how to make a leather mask click here.  I loved watching the kids' personalities come through in their masks.  I had supplies ready for the kids to paint and decorate super hero clothes pin dolls as well, but the only two who stayed to decorate them were the girls.  Henrik did cover a few clothes pins in masking tape (his favorite thing to do).  The boys had more fun running around pretend fighting.  I guess you win some you lose some.

It was so funny watching the kids give spiderman his presents.  I loved seeing how excited and involved the kids got watching Henrik open his presents.  For the party favors we gave the kids super hero stickers, erasers, and coloring books, of course!  It sure is good to be a kid.

We had such a wonderful super hero party for Henrik's fifth Birthday.  I am so lucky to have so many amazing and talented friends and family who helped out.  Thanks to Susan, Stephanie, Merrilee and Ashley (who took all the photos).

I can't believe my little Henrik is already five.  He is such a sweet little boy.  I wish I could freeze time and make him stay five for a long time.  The other day he said "Mama, I wish I were little forever"  me too Henrik, me too.


super hero photo booth

This week on Babyccino Kids I share Henrik's super hero photo booth:

For Henrik's super hero party I thought it would be fun for the kids to feel like they were real super heroes flying through the sky saving lives, so we created a city scene photo booth.  At first the kids didn't understand why they needed to lay on the ground with their arms stretched out and their feet pointed. Once they saw the pictures they understood they were more willing to oblige and started getting into it.  The adults at the party had so much fun watching the kids strike their different super hero poses.

To make the city scene all you need is an old blue sheet, a ladder, a cloud pillow or two, buildings made out of cereal boxes and duct tape, and of course a willing super hero with a cape and mask.  For the buildings I enlisted the help of my good friend Merrilee, who among her many talents is something of a duct tape genius.  Aren't her buildings amazing?!!!  They really make the photo booth.  Thanks Merrilee.

All the photos are taken by the lovely Ashley Thalman.  To see more pictures from the super hero party and a leather mask DIY click here and here.

I saw this idea originally many years ago in a craft book and unfortunately I can't remember the name of the book, maybe someone can help me out?

Henrik's super hero party part 1

For Henrik's 5th Birthday Party with his friends we decided to have a super hero party.  Henrik loves to dress up in costumes and for the party he wore his Spiderman costume the entire time with the mask, taking the mask off only to eat and blow out the candles.The decorations were fairly simple and with the help of my very talented friend Stephanie we were able to make super hero themed decorations.  To make the city silhouette I bought 10 feet of black butcher paper, cut a city outline out of the paper and taped two silhouettes to the back of our house. Stephanie gave me the brilliant idea of making signs with funny comic book quotes like "splatt" and "ka-boom". I drew the quotes on foam core and taped them to wooden dowels.  We lined nine quotes all along the back of our rock wall.  Stephanie was kind enough to make the banners with the super hero phrases and drew the letters by hand attatching them to bakers twine with tape.  The phrases were:  "up up and away", "adventure awaits", and my favorite "here I come to save the day". I kept the food simple as well.  We had turkey croissant sandwiches, fruit, and chips.  For dessert we had chocolate cupcakes that my mother-in-law made and the most amazing German apple cake that a family friend Wiebeke made especially for Henrik.

The kids had a great time running around playing super heroes.  In the next few days I'll be sharing the super hero photo booth and crafts we did.

All the photos were taken by the amazingly talented Ashley Thalman.  She was so fun and easy to work with.  It was so nice for me to be able to sit back and enjoy the party and not worry about taking the pictures.

Henrik's party on Martha Stewart's blog

Last week my friend Susan did a guest post for Martha Stewart's blog!  On the post she did a leather mask DIY and shared some photo's from Henrik's super hero party. The kids had so much fun painting and decorating the masks and they were really easy to make.  For the DIY on how to make them check out Martha's blog.  The DIY photos were taken by myself and all of the party pictures were taken by the lovely and talented Ashley Thalman.

I'll be sharing more pictures and ideas from the party all week.  Thanks Susan and Ashley for your help in making Henrik's party such a success.


harvest party...s'mores table

At the Harvest party last week Susan and I were in charged of the s'mores table.  There's nothing more cozy than sitting by a fire roasting marshmallows.

Henrik was in heaven at the harvest party.  The tiny red spec in the photo below is Henrik running with the herd of boys and Hattie.  I hardly saw him the entire evening.  I would see him briefly when he would surface to grab something to eat or do the craft project.  I love that he feels so comfortable making new friends and having a good time without my constant supervision.

On the other hand Maja was the exact opposite, she wouldn't let me put her down the entire evening (I have to keep reminding myself this is just a phase).  Needless to say It's not easy taking pictures while holding a 25 pound baby and I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked.  Luckily Carolee Beckham did and amazing job documenting the entire event on film and you can see her beautiful photographs here and here.

We had such a wonderful time last week.  Thanks again to the Small Fry ladies, Susan and Carolee Beckham.

harvest party...decorating mr. pumpkin head

Last week my good friend Susan (Freshly-Picked) and I collaborated with the amazingly talented ladies at Small Fry and helped them throw a fall harvest party.  Nicole and her parents were so kind to let us host it at their beautiful orchard!  It was gorgeous!  The girls at Small Fry did such a great job with the decor, food and games.  Susan and I were in charge of the s'mores bar and the kid's craft.  We decided to have the kids decorate pumpkins and found these funny stick on foam features at Michael's.  It was such a simple craft for the kids and best of all no sticky, gooey mess.

The kids really enjoyed picking out the different features and composing a face for their pumpkins. Henrik, of course, had to put a mustache on his pumpkin and made him two faced with a mustache on both sides.

I loved the different funny faces that the kids came up with and it was so fun to see how excited and proud they were of their creations.

I really enjoyed collaborating with these talented ladies, later this week I'll be sharing the s'mores bar.