tooth fairy pillow diy

For the past few weeks my little Henrik has had a loose tooth.  It was bitter sweet for me to find out that my boy was going to loose his first tooth.  It's one more physical sign that he's  growing up and there is nothing I can do about it.  Of course, I was so excited for him too. tooth-fairy-pillow

Henrik's tooth has been really loose, practically hanging by a thread for the past week.  My husband and I decided we needed to take matters into our own hands and pull the tooth.  One quick pull and it was out.  Henrik was so excited to see his mouth with an empty space where his tooth had been.


Henrik and I decided that we needed to make a tooth fairy pillow to store his tooth.

If you'd like to make a tooth fairy pillow here's what you'll need:

* drafting paper and pencil

* small piece of white or cream felt

* black, pink, and blue thread and needle

* polyester batting


Step 1.  Draw and cut out a tooth shape out of the drafting paper.

Step 2.  Using the paper template cut two shapes out of the felt.  Cut a small rectangle out of the felt for the pocket.

Step 3.  Hand stitch the pocket onto one side of the felt tooth.

Step 4.  Pin together right sides together, with the pocket facing in.  Sew around the tooth, leaving an opening for the stuffing.

Step 5.  Stuff the pillow with batting and hand stitch it closed.

Step 6.  Hand stitch the eyes and mouth and you're done!


Henrik loves his new little tooth pillow as well as showing off his missing tooth.


That night Henrik put his tooth in the back of his pillow and cuddled next to it.  The next morning he discovered that the tooth fairy had brought him four whole quarters!