puzzle play

h-and-m-puzzleI love catching moments like these.  Moments when my children are playing so well together, lost in play.  Lately both Henrik and Maja have been really into puzzles and will spend long periods of time working on them. h-and-m-puzzle2

I feel so lucky that my children play, for the most part, so well together.  Often times my sweet Henrik will give in to his bossy little sister.  He has such a kind heart.  I once told him that he could stand up to her and that he was bigger than her.  He replied "But she's my little sister, I don't want to hurt her."


Maja also loves her older brother and calls him "my Haek".  She carries his school picture around with her and sometimes even sleeps with it.  I hope that they will always have this close loving relationship with each other.


I read recently something that left an impression with me.  "The only bad photo is the one you never took."  That's so true, we never regret taking too many pictures just not taking enough.

h-and-m-puzzle5I take a lot of photographs of my children, but there are so many moments, moments like these that I miss.

"So, my advice to everyone and anyone I know is to take photos.  Take them like a paparazzi.  In sickness and in health, in happiness or sorrow...photographs fuel memory..and memory fuels the heart and soul."-- Mitchell's Journey