Uni shop tour

While on my trip to Stockholm this past August I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph the colorful and beautifully curated children's shop, Uni.  Uni carries Scandinavian unisex children's clothing as well as decor and vintage items.  Just my kind of store.  The philosophy behind Uni is brilliant, but I thought you'd like to hear it in their words instead of mine... uni-shop-tourMeta:  Your shop is run by yourself and your friend, correct?  How long have you two had it together and what are your full names?

Uni:  You are correct, we are two friends runing Uni. We know each other from senior year in high school. We are Linda Glad and Sara Skogsmark and we have had Uni for 8,5 years. Earlier we had a shop in Södermalm, where we started in 2005 (that shop was closed in May this year).  The shop at Odengatan have been open since 2010.

uni-shop-tour2Meta:  What inspired you two to open up your shop?

Uni:  The lack of unisex children clothes and the irritation over entering the bigger clothes-chains to find everything divided into "girls and boys-clothes", very stereotype. Sara's first child was 4 years old and she ended up buying his clothes in the girls-sections because all "boys-clothes" where so colorless and boring. We think all children should be introduced to all colors, and that they should have clothes designed in ways that enables the child to play around.  That means soft, durable and sustainable...


Meta:  What is your mission or desire for Uni?  I remember you telling me a bit about your desire to provide unisex clothing for children, maybe you can expand on that a little?

Uni:  Our desire is to open up peoples minds about "boys and girls clothes" and instead simply think of it as "children clothes". We believe that the stereotype division of children clothes are repressive since kids are strong individuals and should be treated as such. Children are much more open minded then us gown ups! For us this is a part of the struggle towards a gender equal society.

We also believe that clothes should be durable and sustainable, and that they should have been produced with respect for both the environment and workers. The textile industry is in many ways very dirty and our aim is to always make the best possible choices in terms of organic materials and high quality so that the clothes can be worn by more then one child.

uni-shop-tour3Meta:  What are some of the Swedish brands that you carry?  And why have you chosen some of these particular brands?

Uni:  We work with Swedish brands such as Modéerska Huset, Anïve for the minors, Bonkeli Mini, Duns, Sture & Lisa, Filemon Kid, Viki Petersson, Emmaloppa and so on... All of these are chosen because they use organic- or recycled fabrics, and because we love their design. We seldom order a whole collection from a brand but we select bit's and pieces that we think is suitable for Uni. We almost look at Uni as a person, thinking "what would Uni like".

uni-shop-tour5I love that Linda and Sara are high school friends and are so passionate about their mission to bring unisex clothing to children.  I couldn't agree more with their belief that children's clothing should be high quality, durable and all colors should be introduced to them.

uni-shop-tour6Thank you Linda and Sara for letting us take a peek into your beautiful shop and sharing your mission behind Uni.