Carl Larsson's neighbors home in Sundborn

Last week I shared images from my visit to Carl and Karin Larsson's home Lilla Hyttnäs, in Sundborn. Accross a small bridge on the other side is Stora Hyttnäs, the home of the Linderdahl's, who were good friends of the Larsson's. carl-larsson-neigborsStora Hyttnäs is a beautifully preserved 19th century upperclass residence and is surrounded by multiple gardens and ponds.

carl-larsson-neigbors2We took a guided tour through Stora Hyttnäs. The tour was entirely in Swedish.  Needless to say I couldn't understand anything that the guide said, ha.

carl-larsson-neigbors3It was so interesting to see the stark difference between the unconventional home of the Larsson's and the much more formal and traditional home of the Linderdahl's.

carl-larsson-neigbors4I had such a lovely time visiting these two beautiful homes in Sundborn, thank you for joining me!