strawberry pillow

It's been a while since I've posted a DIY on One More Mushroom.  I made this strawberry pillow a while back for Maja's room out of an old coral colored sweater.  I loved the color, but the sweater not so much anymore.  So, I decided to make a strawberry pillow to go with her sweet strawberry bedding. I used the same technique as the raindrop pillow to make the strawberry. My favorite part is that Maja loves her pillow and has to sleep with it every night.  She calls it her "dauby".


To make a strawberry (or dauby) pillow here's what you'll need:

* an old sweater

* green felt

* scissors

* polyester fill

* black thread

strawberry-pillow-diy21.  Cut a heart or strawberry shape directly out of the sweater.  Cut front and back pieces. Leave a 1/4 inch seam allowance.

2.  With the black thread sew black stars for the tiny seeds on both pieces.

3.  Cut the stems out with the green felt.

4.  Attach the green leaf portion of the stem onto the strawberry.  Sew together a small stem and stuff with batting.

5.  With the right sides together sew the strawberry together leaving an opening at the top for the batting and the stem.

6.  Stuff the pillow, insert the stem, and hand stitch the top shut.  You're finished!

strawberry-pillow-diy4Maja likes her "dauby" pillow so much that she even let me photograph her for a whole ten seconds, which is a lot of time for a toddler.