svenskt tenn shop tour and giveaway

This week I'm so excited to share with you my first photographs from my trip to Stockholm.  The first of which is my all time favorite interior design shop, Svenskt Tenn, on Strandvägen in Stockholm.  Svenskt Tenn is world renowned for their beauty and quality and their textiles and furniture are iconically linked to Swedish design. svenskt-tenn

Estrid Erikson founded Svenskt Tenn in 1924 at the age of 30.  Ten years later she hired Josef Frank  (originally from Austria) as a designer.  He became her most beloved designer.  The two had a very amicable working relationship for 33 years.  Josef Frank designed most all of the textiles and furniture and was inspired by his travels and botany.  His use of color and his large designs of flowers, birds, fruits, vegetables is astounding.  Estrid Ericson ran the company, was the sole interior designer and table stylist.  She had an incredible refined eye and sense of style.  She dedicated most of her life to Svenskt Tenn, retiring at 82 after giving 54 years to her company.


The two inspired each other and took on Josef Frank's philosophy that color should be introduced through the  textiles and furniture should be light and easy to move.  I couldn't agree more with their design philosophy.  Estrid Ericson wrote "White walls are loveliest, textiles must impart colour to the room.  Furnish sparingly with light, moveable furniture.  The modern home, therefore, will be a mixture of items, some more expensive than others, and they do not have to match."


This design philosophy is what is so cheerfully associated with Swedish design.  And what has always drawn me to the Scandinavian style.


What amazes me as well is that most of these textiles were designed in the 20's, 30's, 40's, and 50's, but they are still so modern and fresh.  Josef Frank and Estrid Ericson did not conform to trends or style of the time, but stayed true to their design beliefs.  Therefore, they have remained timeless.  What an inspiration.


When I first walked into Svenskt Tenn four years ago, I was blown away with the use of color and pattern.  Bold, bright, beautiful colors are everywhere in this large two story design shop.  There are also large comfortable sofa's upholstered in the large patterns.  The furniture is classic and comfortable, and generally made of wood or rattan.


Svenskt Tenn is generously giving one lucky One More Mushroom reader a beautiful home decor item from one of their lovely textiles.  All you have to do is comment below.  I will pick the lucky winner next week along with part two of my Svenskt Tenn shop tour.