yellowstone family trip

I haven't been doing the best at consistently posting and I apologize because I have so many great things to share.  Before I left for Sweden our family went on a short trip to Jackson Hole and Yellowstone National Park. yellowstone-family-trip

My Husband is a wildlife and western landscape painter, so we naturally love coming to Jackson and Yellowstone.  He particularly loves clouds, and I don't blame him.  It's just scary sometimes driving with him while he's looking at them.

A few weeks ago we came out to Jackson for one of Nick's shows and luckily we had enough time to spend a day in Yellowstone.


I love coming to Yellowstone, it's always aw inspiring.   I particularly loved seeing the wonder and excitement in my children's eyes.  It was like I got to experience it for all for the first time.  Henrik was particularly excited to see all the geysers.


Traveling with children means plenty of pee pee stops.


Luckily when we got to Old Faithful we only had to wait five minutes to see it erupt.  We also stopped in to look at the beautiful architecture of the Old Faithful Inn.


As you can tell it was a perfectly windy, sunny day.  Every single one of us had crazy hair in the wind (Henrik calls it scary hair) and it does look pretty scary.


Next week I'll have pictures of my trip to Stockholm and a giveaway...hooray!!!