circus tent and clay characters

Last week I took my kids to Michael's Passport to Imagination art class.  It was so nice to take them outside of our house to a laid back environment where we could create and make messes and I didn't have to clean up after them.  The class was only $2 for 2 hours from 10-12.  We had a fun time sculpting and painting Easter Island Moai.  Michael's is offering different travel themed craft classes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday till August 2.  I think we'll have to go to a few more classes. clay-circus-craft

After our craft class we did some shopping and picked up a few items.  I found the napkins and straws in the $1 section.   As most of you who follow this blog and my instagram feed already know my son Henrik loves to sculpt with clay, so of course, we had to check out all the different clay options as well. Henrik and I decided to make a Circus themed craft with all our purchases.  This afternoon while Maja napped Henrik and I got to work.  I put him in charge of making all the circus characters and I made the tent with a cardboard box, napkins and straws.  This was such a fun project to do together.  While we were making everything Henrik said "Mama, this is so fun we should do it again".  I love it when my boy is happy.


If you'd like to make this craft here's what you'll need:

* napkins

* straws

* sculpey polymer clay (I used red, grey, green, black, white, and pink)

* a shallow cardboard box

* glue gun

* white spray paint


1.  Cut off all the cardboard flaps and spray paint it with white paint or primer.

2.  Cut the trim on the napkins and glue them onto the box.

3.  Glue the straws around to trim the box (I also cut up a few straws in varying sizes to make the top design).

4.  Have fun with your kids and sculpt as many Circus characters you would like.  We made a mama seal and stand, a baby seal, an elephant, a guy who looks like Charles Darwin, a clown, a muscle man, and a ring master.

5.  Bake the clay in the oven 275 degrees F, fifteen minutes for every 1/4 inch.

6.  Enjoy and play with your Circus tent and characters!