my trip to stockholm

Over a week ago I went on a short trip (5 days to be exact) with a friend of mine.  We've been friends since high school and college.  We are both turning 35 this year and decided we needed to celebrate with a trip.  Why not Stockholm, Sweden?  It was so lovely.  Two of the days were freeeeeezing cold, but it didn't stop us from having a wonderful time.  The last day was sunny and beautiful, a perfect day.  It was so good to catch up with my funny, talented, sweet friend.  She lives in New York and we hardly get to see each other.  I've been to Stockholm before and so it was so fun to show some of my favorite things and discover a few new favorites (chocolate ball in Gamla Stan, amazing!).  I totally cheated on my sugar free/vegan diet and it was worth every bite. stockholm

Here are some photos I shared on instagram.  You can follow me at onemoremushroom.  I did take some "real" photos on my camera and hopefully I'll get around to sharing them with you.  Here's a list of a few of my favorite things we did in Stockholm (we only had three days but packed A LOT in).

1.  Svenskt Tenn-An amazingly beautiful and large interior design shop founded in 1927.  They feature the textile designs of Estrid Ericson and Josef Frank, some of my all time favorite textiles.  This trip I bought a small piece of the green Celotocaulis to make some pillows for my house.

2.  Skansen-The world's oldest open-air Museum.  There are homes, shops, barns, etc. all transplanted from different eras and different parts of Sweden.  This is a must!  Walking through it is like walking back in time.  I bought some chocolates and candies for my kids, the beautiful packaging was designed in the 30's.

3.  Fotografiska Museet-This is a recently opened Photography Museum.  We saw a stunning and inspiring exhibit of Henri Cartier-Bresson's work.  We then had lunch in the cafe overlooking a beautiful view of the water.

4.  Södermalm-we had a fun time walking around SoFo looking at all the shops and cafes. Shops like Grandpa and Uni, were just a couple of my favorites.

5.  Moderna Museet-Stockholm's Modern Museum.  I was blown away with the exhibit of Le Corbusier.  I've always been a fan of his Architecture and furniture, but I had no idea he painted and sculpted, everything was so inspiring.

6.  Nordiska Museet-Sweden's largest museum of cultural history.  My favorite exhibits are:  Swedish Folk Art, Interiors, and the Textiles.

7.  Fem Små Hus-A cozy and traditional Swedish Restaurant where you can try Reindeer for the first time.

8.  Restaurang Bar-An excellent restaurant that serves fresh produce and (my favorite) fresh fish dishes.  I love the decor as well as the food.

9.  Saluhall-a beautiful, large food hall opened in 1888.  You can buy and take away or eat at the counter.  We had a lovely lunch of fish, potatoes and avocado at the little restaurant.

There are so many more shops and places that I could list, these are just some of the highlights.  I was so glad that I got the opportunity to leave for a few days to spend with a great friend in a fabulous city.  It was very inspiring and very healing for me.  I hope you enjoy!