Spring tent and easter egg hunt

My son Henrik loves to make tents and forts.  He builds one practically every day.  This year for an Easter surprise I decided to make my children a tent that they could leave up and play with all day every day.  I used the genius tutorial featured on a beautiful mess invented by Rubyellen.  I then made some of my own modifications.  I added an extra wooden piece of moulding at the bottom of both sides so that the tent won't slide down and will stay upright on hard wood floors. easter-tent-and-egg-hunt

I also added a window with a roll flap that snaps open.  I lined the inside of it with a blue geometric fabric.  I trimmed the window and the outside of the tent in a solid aqua fabric bias tape that I made.  I ended up using a small black polka dot fabric for the tent.  I cut and sewed the green fabric on the bottom to look like grass and make it feel more like spring.  To make the tent more cozy I made a few floor cushions in corresponding colors (even a star pillow).


I think it's safe to say they love the tent.


Besides giving my children the tent for Easter, we also had an egg hunt.  To match the tent I made each of my kids black polka dot bags trimmed with grass.  Henrik loved looking for the eggs and other little prizes.


Maja, on the other hand, was not interested in looking for eggs.  She was content playing with the sponge pellets that expand in water.  She decided she needed to clean all the surfaces with the tiny sponges, it was a bit of a watery mess.


We may have also got our children two bunnies.  I couldn't help myself.  I had bunnies growing up as a child and had so much fun with them.  Henrik named the black one hoppy and Maja named the brown one honey.

Aren't the bow tie and bow so cute that Henrik and Maja are wearing?!  If you're interested in some for your little ones my sweet friend makes them and you can get them here.

Anyway, I hope you had a wonderful Easter.  Ours was lovely filled with lots and lots of love, and chocolate.