bunny brother and sister dolls

For quite some time I have been wanting to make these brother and sister bunny dolls, but to be perfectly honest I haven't had the energy or been in the mood to make anything lately.  The other day I was having a particularly rough day and decided I needed to make something.  The bunny dolls were so easy to make and as soon as I started working on them I began to feel more happy and optimistic.  There is so much joy that comes from creating.  The process of creativity helps me step outside of myself and focus on bringing happiness to someone else, particularly my children.  I hope you enjoy these bunnies just in time for Easter.

To make the bunnies you'll need:

* white canvas fabric or duck cloth about 1/2 of a yard

* a black fabric marker

* fabric paint.  I used green, aqua, red, white and blue

Here are the steps for making the bunnies.

1.  Sketch out the style of bunny you'd like to make.  I drew a couple of bunnies before I  settled on what I liked.  I drew my bunnies about 12" tall.  I drew the bunny with a black marker on two 8.5 x 11" sheets of paper.

2.  I then traced the bunny with the black fabric marker onto the fabric.  Make sure to draw the back of the bunny too.

3.  Paint the bunnies clothing and pinks of the ears with the fabric paint.

4.  Cut around the bunny, leaving about an inch or so for the seam allowance.   Put the right sides together and sew around the bunny leaving about a 3" opening.  Turn out and stuff with batting.  Hand stitch the opening closed and you're finished!

Both Henrik and Maja love their bunny dolls.  I think I'm going to hide them away until Easter and put them in their Easter baskets on Sunday.

Maja enjoyed cuddling both the brother and sister bunnies.

These two (for the most part) play so well together and loved playing with the bunnies until they discovered the balloon...