lamb pull toy

My daughter Maja loves to push and pull her toys around, so naturally she needed to have a little pull toy of her own.  Recently we celebrated Maja's second Birthday and as one of her gifts I made her a lamb pull toy.

If you'd like to make a lamb pull toy here's what you'll need:

* a drill with 1/4 inch and 3/16 inch drill bit

* hot glue, stik'n seal indoor adhesive and wood glue

* scissors

* 1/2 a yard of cream faux fur fabric

* a small piece of cream felt for the face and black felt for the nose

* two plastic black eyes

* a styrofoam egg shape for the head and two styrofoam rectangular pieces for the body

*  1/2 inch thick piece of pine wood approximately 5.5 x 32 inches for the toy base

* approximately 3/4 of an inch thick dowel for the legs

* a small piece of vegetable-tanned leather for the collar

* paint brushes

* red acrylic paint for the leather collar

* black acrylic paint for the legs

* mint green acrylic paint for the wheels and base

* 4, 1/4 inch thick dowel pins

* 4 wooden wheels

* 4, 1/4 inch thick wooden axels

* 34 inches of ribbon or twine for the leash

* batting

Here are the steps to making your own lamb pull toy.  I got some great tips on making a pull toy from Martha Stewart.

Step 1.  Cut the pine wood approximately 11.5 inches long for the base and the dowel into 4, 4 inch pieces for the legs (I used a banned saw to cut them).  Sand the edges.  With the 1/4 inch drill bit drill into the center of each of the legs.  Glue (wood glue) the dowel pins into the wooden legs.  With the 1/4 inch drill bit, drill the holes on the base for the legs.  With the 3/16 inch drill bit, drill the sides of the base for the wheels.  It's important to have the wheels fit tightly.

Step 2.  Paint the base and wheels in the mint green paint.  Paint the axels white.  Tape off and paint the bottom of the sheep legs about 1/2 of an inch in the black paint.

Step 3.  Carve the styrofoam egg into the head for the sheep.  Carve the two styrofoam rectangular pieces into sheep's body.  Glue (stik'n seal glue) the pieces together (you may want to use a skewer to attach the head to the body.  I wrapped some batting around the neck.

Step 4.  With the felt and the faux fur sew together the ears and the tail.  Stuff with the batting.

Step 5.  Glue (wood glue) the legs into the base.  Insert the wheels and axels into the sides of the base You may need drill the holes slightly bigger than the 3/16 inches, so that the axels will fit.  Don't drill them 1/4 inch or the wheels will fall off when pulling the toy.

Step 6.  With both glues (stik'n seal and hot glue), attach and shape the felt around the face, cutting a small hole for the eyes.  Glue and insert the eyes into the felt and styrofoam.  Cut a small piece of black felt in the shape of a rounded triangle and glue on as the nose.  Attach the ears.  Wrap and glue the faux fur onto the sheep, attaching in pieces.  I also filled the body with extra batting, to make the sheep extra round.  Attach the tail.  Cut the vegetable tanned leather into a thin rectangle for the collar, paint it red and glue around the neck of the sheep.

Step 7.  Glue (stik'n seal and hot glue) the body onto the legs.  Drill a hole straight through the base for the leash.  Tie the ribbon through the hole for the leash and you're finished!

This was quite an involved project and I definitely need to work on my fabric wrapping and toy making skills, but the look on Maja's face when she saw her little lamb made it all worth it.  She loves to pull it around all over the house and every once in a while I mistake it for our dog Hazel.