Maja's second Birthday

The beginning of this month we celebrated my daughter Maja's second Birthday.  As is our tradition, I had her Birthday table ready for her when she woke up, decorated with party accessories,  her gifts and her cake.  It was so fun to see the joy and excitement on her face.

This year I kept her party really simple, inviting the Grandparents and serving root beer and chocolate cake.  Maja really enjoyed eating her own large slice.

It was so fun to watch her open her presents.  We gave her a lot of books (most were in German), each book she looked at carefully, turning the pages as if she were reading.  It's so fun to see how maternal she is with her dolls, giving them their bottles and holding them like a baby.  I was especially excited for her to see the sheep pull toy that I made for her and barely finished it in time for the party.  Tomorrow I will share the tutorial.

Check out Minted's blog Julep for more photos of her party and the party accessories I used.