Black Forest felt antlers

I really enjoy sewing with felt, particularly because you don't have to finish any edges. If you use real wool, the quality is exceptional.  I also enjoy adding little personal touches to my children's rooms. In my son Henrik's room I thought he needed a set of deer antlers.  I am particularly drawn to the Black Forest mounted Roe deer.  The Black Forest refers to the carved wood plaque.  Roe deer are much smaller than the North American Mule deer or White Tail deer and are more common in Europe. These Black Forest felt antlers were so easy and fun to make and no deer were harmed in the making of them.

Here's a tutorial I recently shared on Bloesem Kids, if you'd like to make these antlers here's what you'll need:

8 x 12 piece of brown wool felt

8 x 12 piece of white or cream wool felt


brown and white thread



to make the felt antlers:

Step 1.  Cut two pieces of the brown felt in the shape of a wood plaque.  Cut four pieces of the cream felt in the shape of antlers.

Step 2.  Sew together the two pieces of brown felt (you can sew by hand or with a sewing machine). Sew together the four pieces of the cream felt (two separate antlers).  Sew the felt pieces together with as little of a seam as possible.  Don't worry about sewing right sides together, it doesn't matter with felt.

Step 3.  Stuff the felt plaque with batting.  Stuff the two antlers with batting (you may want to use a chopstick to stuff the antlers).

Step 4.  Sew the felt plaque shut.

Step 5.  With the brown thread on the back of the plaque sew a little hook for hanging.

Step 6.  Trim the end of the antlers slightly at an angle so that the antlers will curve upwards.  Turn the edges of the felt antlers in 1/8 of an inch and stitch onto the felt plaque with the white thread.  You're finished!

Henrik was excited to see them in his room.  He liked them so much that we decided to make a couple for his friends as christmas presents.

You can download the template here.