Winter forrest diorama

About a week ago I showed an easy craft to make with a cardboard box, duct tape and Washi tape over on Bloesem kids.  I thought I'd share this simple and fun project on one more mushroom.  My very talented friend Merrilee has made so many amazing toys for her kids with Duct tape that it inspired me to make something for my kids.  We have a wonderful selection of German wooden animals and we needed a home for them, so we decided to make a winter forrest diorama.  My son Henrik had fun working side by side with me making a duct tape skeleton as well.  We almost used up an entire roll of white duct tape.

If you'd like to make a diorama too, here's what you'll need:

* cardboard and shoe box

* duct tape

* washi tape

* scissors

* exacto knife

* paper (optional)

Step 1.  pick out a cardboard box for the forrest scene and a thinner box (I used a shoe box) for the trees and other wooded accessories.

Step 2.  cut the cardboard into any scene you would like, I chose to make a snowy mountainous forrest scene.

Step 3.  cover the front and back of the cardboard diarama in white duct tape.

Step 4.  cut out and cover the trees and the mushrooms in washi tape (you could make flowers and animals too).  I left little tabs at the bottoms of the trees and mushrooms so that I could attach them to the diorama.

Step 5.  decorate the forrest diorama however you would like with duct tape, washi tape, and paper.  I used washi tape to make snow caps and a pond.  Attach the trees and mushrooms with small strips of duct tape.  I also used small strips of duct tape to fasten the trees to the mountain.  You're finished!

My children had so much fun playing with the diorama and it makes a great home for all of our wooded forrest animals.  This will make a great holiday decoration too.  The possiblilities are endless with what you can do with washi tape and duct tape.  I can't wait to explore some more ideas.