advent wreath

As a child celebrating Advent and participating in the Advent singing (with my dirndl dress) was so special to me.  I really enjoy continuing these traditions with my own little family.  Advent is a simple tradition that focuses on the advent, or coming birth of Christ.  We celebrate His coming birth with an evergreen wreath and four candles.  The first Sunday one candle is lit, the second Sunday two candles are lit, and so on until the fourth Sunday.  The first Sunday is also celebrated singing German Advent songs.  We usually invite friends, make some desserts, and spend the evening singing Christmas songs. I made a very simple advent wreath, using all found objects from my home and yard.  Here's what I used:  a wooden plate, snippets of evergreen, holly, bakers twine and candles.

Here's what I did to make the wreath:  I arranged the evergreen in a circle and added the holly on top.  I wrapped bakers twine several times around the candles.  I then hot glued the candles to the wooden plate.

I think this is such a wonderful tradition that helps us focus on the true spirit of Christmas and brings a feeling of peace and love in our home.

I'm headed for Germany next week, I'm so excited!  I already miss my children terribly, but this will be a fun trip with my husband.  I'll still have posts for you and when I get back I'll have some fun posts of my trip to Germany.