toys we have and love

As I mentioned in my first gift guide, Stephanie, Merrilee and I share a love for children's toys, books and accessories.  We thought it would helpful to share with you our selections of some of our favorite toys, the tried and true ones that our children absolutely love and play with daily.  Here's my list.  I hope you enjoy!

1. Maja loves to cuddle and carry around this plush little wolf, who comes with red ridding hood and other accessories that squeak, rattle, chime, and crinkle.  Everything fits nicely in the belly of the wolf for easy storage.  2. Both my children have learned how to walk with this brio push cart.  It also works well for transporting and storing toys.    3. This mini house has plenty of windows and doors for opening and closing and can be easily transported anywhere.  I also like that you can decorate it anyway you'd like, I had fun covering it in paper.  4. Haba games are some of my favorites and we have so much fun playing with this "who am I" guessing game.  5. This Combi Car is one of the best ride on toys out there.  It's a favorite with my kids as well as every kid who comes to play at our house. 6. This parking garage comes with a parking attendant and a couple of cars and has an elevator that moves up and down.  7. I can't get over these little Maileg mice.  The attention to detail is incredible. I've started collecting a little family of mice for Maja.  Henrik enjoys playing with them too.  8.  One of our favorite books, Iggy Peck Architect, is about a boy who makes structures out of anything, even dirty diapers!  9. We have so much fun making different funny faces with this mix and match magnetic design set.  10. One of my favorite complete play kitchens. We keep it in our kitchen and my children love to cook along with me.  It comes with pots, pans, utensils, and food!

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