henrik's holiday wish list

I really enjoy shopping for Henrik, he gets so excited about everything and has such an active imagination.  He particularly loves dressing up, playing with his guys, and creating things.  Here are some gifts that I think he would love.  I hope you enjoy! Henrik will start to loose his teeth in the next year or so and would get a kick out of putting his missing teeth in this pirate tooth pillow.  We enjoy building forts and creating small spaces at our home, this teepee would be perfect.  Not only do I love the simple red design, but it's self-supporting and can be assembled in minutes by the child.  Oliver Jeffers is one of my favorite writer/illustrators.  I really like his illustrating style, and his stories are always so funny.  This Moose Belongs To Me is a must.  Rifle paper co. makes so many great prints and this cowboy print is one of my faves.  Henrik is really into building and creating things with clay and wood.  He would be thrilled to build with these tools.  Henrik has a bit of an obsession with mustaches and beards.  Both this sweater and the lumberjack beard would be worn daily by Him.  I love wooden toys and taking pictures, this wooden camera is a great start for my little boy.

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