polarn outdoor challenge

Last week Polarn O. Pyret issued an outdoor challenge for all families living in the US.  This meant one full week where the family was outside playing and exploring everyday.  Their goal was to get 1,000 hours total of outdoor time.  I though this was a great idea and thought it would be fun to document our family outdoors. As some of you may already know my Mother is from Germany.  In Europe being outside it part of every day life.  Everywhere you go you see families and buggies out no matter the weather conditions.  My mother stressed to us the importance of being outside every day even in the cold.  It was an unwritten rule at our house that we had to be outside for at least an hour a day.  In my own family I still try to abide by my mother's teaching and we really do enjoy being outside.

On Monday:  Maja and I went on a nice long walk around our very hilly neighborhood.  Afterward we picked up Henrik from preschool.  In the afternoon after Maja's nap we all went with some friends to the school playground next to our house.  We spend about 4 hours outside.

On Tuesday:  We went on a bike ride that later turned into a walk with my mother, or Mormor and Resi her dachshund.  During the walk we stopped and made a new friend, visited with some of Mormor's friends and swung on the neighbors tree swing.  We spend about 1.5 hours outside.

On Wednesday:  We went on another walk with Mormor and Resi,  rolled around in the neighbors perfectly manicured lawn, and helped Mormor rake her enormous pile of leaves (we didn't really make a dent in the pile).  We spent about 2 hours outside.

On Thursday:  It was a perfect sunny day (the last sunny day), so we arranged a playdate with some other mothers and played in the neighboring playground.  The kids had so much fun running around in a herd.  I practically didn't see Henrik the entire time and Maja made a new little boyfriend too.  We spent about 2 hours outside.

On Friday:  We weren't outside much, due to the fact that it was my Birthday and it was raining/hailing cats and dogs outside.

On Saturday:  Henrik spent the entire afternoon playing and sledding in the snow with his friends.  Maja joined them after her nap.  The kids had a blast and I admire their stamina.  We spent about 4 hours outside.

On Sunday:  Henrik and his cousin Sarah played outside in the snow and built a snowman.  Henrik loves to play with his cousins, especially his 16 year old cute girl cousins.  We spent about 1.5 hours outside.

This was a fun week to document and we basically had all four seasons in one week.  You'll be happy to know that Polarn O. Pyret exceeded their goal and had 1, 104.5 hours of outdoor play.