5 tips for styling your child's shelves

Children's rooms can be so colorful and carefree.  I think that's particularly why I love decorating them. That doesn't mean that there are no design rules.  In my daughter's room I applied some simple design principles.  Below are a couple of photographs from the shelves in Maja's room and some tips on how to style them. 5 tips for styling your child's shelves:

1.  Figure out what colors you'd like to use.  I usually pick three.  For example, in this picture I've picked red, yellow and blue as the main colors.

2.  Find a fun way to display your books.  Lean them against the wall, stack them, or use colorful bookends.

3.  Store items that you only want access to out of reach from you child.  For example, I store blankets, shoes, and clothes that are still too big in the red bins up high so my daughter won't get into them.

4.  Vary the height and depth of your objects.  You don't want everything to be the same height or on the same plane.  I usually start with the highest item on the left side, so that the eye can rotate in a circle.

5.  Use items that are store bought as well as thrifted and personal (maybe something you had as a child).  The shelf will look curated and personal if you use items that are unique to you and that you absolutely love.