Henrik's super hero party part 2

For Henrik's party we thought it would be fun if the kids did a couple of super hero crafts.  Susan was so nice and made the leather masks that the kids could decorate.  If you would like the tutorial on how to make a leather mask click here.  I loved watching the kids' personalities come through in their masks.  I had supplies ready for the kids to paint and decorate super hero clothes pin dolls as well, but the only two who stayed to decorate them were the girls.  Henrik did cover a few clothes pins in masking tape (his favorite thing to do).  The boys had more fun running around pretend fighting.  I guess you win some you lose some.

It was so funny watching the kids give spiderman his presents.  I loved seeing how excited and involved the kids got watching Henrik open his presents.  For the party favors we gave the kids super hero stickers, erasers, and coloring books, of course!  It sure is good to be a kid.

We had such a wonderful super hero party for Henrik's fifth Birthday.  I am so lucky to have so many amazing and talented friends and family who helped out.  Thanks to Susan, Stephanie, Merrilee and Ashley (who took all the photos).

I can't believe my little Henrik is already five.  He is such a sweet little boy.  I wish I could freeze time and make him stay five for a long time.  The other day he said "Mama, I wish I were little forever"  me too Henrik, me too.