Henrik's super hero party part 1

For Henrik's 5th Birthday Party with his friends we decided to have a super hero party.  Henrik loves to dress up in costumes and for the party he wore his Spiderman costume the entire time with the mask, taking the mask off only to eat and blow out the candles.The decorations were fairly simple and with the help of my very talented friend Stephanie we were able to make super hero themed decorations.  To make the city silhouette I bought 10 feet of black butcher paper, cut a city outline out of the paper and taped two silhouettes to the back of our house. Stephanie gave me the brilliant idea of making signs with funny comic book quotes like "splatt" and "ka-boom". I drew the quotes on foam core and taped them to wooden dowels.  We lined nine quotes all along the back of our rock wall.  Stephanie was kind enough to make the banners with the super hero phrases and drew the letters by hand attatching them to bakers twine with tape.  The phrases were:  "up up and away", "adventure awaits", and my favorite "here I come to save the day". I kept the food simple as well.  We had turkey croissant sandwiches, fruit, and chips.  For dessert we had chocolate cupcakes that my mother-in-law made and the most amazing German apple cake that a family friend Wiebeke made especially for Henrik.

The kids had a great time running around playing super heroes.  In the next few days I'll be sharing the super hero photo booth and crafts we did.

All the photos were taken by the amazingly talented Ashley Thalman.  She was so fun and easy to work with.  It was so nice for me to be able to sit back and enjoy the party and not worry about taking the pictures.