harvest party...s'mores table

At the Harvest party last week Susan and I were in charged of the s'mores table.  There's nothing more cozy than sitting by a fire roasting marshmallows.

Henrik was in heaven at the harvest party.  The tiny red spec in the photo below is Henrik running with the herd of boys and Hattie.  I hardly saw him the entire evening.  I would see him briefly when he would surface to grab something to eat or do the craft project.  I love that he feels so comfortable making new friends and having a good time without my constant supervision.

On the other hand Maja was the exact opposite, she wouldn't let me put her down the entire evening (I have to keep reminding myself this is just a phase).  Needless to say It's not easy taking pictures while holding a 25 pound baby and I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked.  Luckily Carolee Beckham did and amazing job documenting the entire event on film and you can see her beautiful photographs here and here.

We had such a wonderful time last week.  Thanks again to the Small Fry ladies, Susan and Carolee Beckham.