harvest party...decorating mr. pumpkin head

Last week my good friend Susan (Freshly-Picked) and I collaborated with the amazingly talented ladies at Small Fry and helped them throw a fall harvest party.  Nicole and her parents were so kind to let us host it at their beautiful orchard!  It was gorgeous!  The girls at Small Fry did such a great job with the decor, food and games.  Susan and I were in charge of the s'mores bar and the kid's craft.  We decided to have the kids decorate pumpkins and found these funny stick on foam features at Michael's.  It was such a simple craft for the kids and best of all no sticky, gooey mess.

The kids really enjoyed picking out the different features and composing a face for their pumpkins. Henrik, of course, had to put a mustache on his pumpkin and made him two faced with a mustache on both sides.

I loved the different funny faces that the kids came up with and it was so fun to see how excited and proud they were of their creations.

I really enjoyed collaborating with these talented ladies, later this week I'll be sharing the s'mores bar.