Tamar Mogendorff's studio tour

On my trip to New York in August I had the wonderful opportunity to visit and photograph Tamar Mogendorff's Studio in Brooklyn.  I have been a long time admirer of her beautiful hand sewn 'stitch art' and it was such an honor for me to meet her in person.

Born and raised in Israel Tamar Mogendorff moved to New York and seven years ago starting making animals and other pieces as gifts for friends.  This side project evolved into a well established career for Tamar, where she is internationally known and admired.  You can find her work in shops worldwide. While in London I was thrilled to see her work in several of the children's shops I visited.

Tamar Mogendorff has worked on many collaborations with designers such as Makie clothier, Anna Sui, and Megan Park.  Starting this month she will be doing a collaboration with Atsuyo Et Akiko for their Fall Collection.  I was so excited to be able to take a sneak peak at some of the pieces, pictured on the left corner.

Tamar works in her basement studio and enlists the help of two other women.  Each of her pieces of art are carefully sewn with loving hands and are distinct and unique, no two are alike.  While in the studio it was sometimes hard for me to stay focused and concentrate because I was constantly distracted by the beautiful pieces that surrounded me.  It was so inspiring!  I especially enjoyed seeing Tamar's sense of humor and whimsy displayed in her art.

If you would like to purchase some of her lovely sewn art you can shop here.  You'll never guess what I ended up buying...a mushroom of course!

Thank you Tamar Mogendorff for letting me come and share your studio it was so much fun and truly an honor to meet you.

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