cloud pillow

I usually like to make DIY craft projects that I can use in my home.  A cloud pillow is a simple decoration that can be used in your living room or your child's bedroom.  This pillow was fun to make and turned out nice with the contrasting yellow tacks.

A cloud pillow is so simple to make if you would like to make one here's what you'll need:

*  a fat quarter of a polka dot fabric and fat quarter of a pin stripe or stripe fabric

*  scissors

*  a pencil

*  a piece of paper for making the cloud template

*  white thread and neon yellow thread

*  a needle

*  polyester batting

1.  Take the paper and pencil and draw a cloud shape giving yourself a 1/4 seam allowance.  Put the two pieces of fabric right sides (print sides) together.  Place the paper template on the wrong side (or non printed side) of one of the pieces of the fabric and cut the cloud shape out of the two pieces of fabric.

2.  With the wrong sides together (you can pin it together if you'd like) sew along the cloud shape.  When sewing the curves in the cloud make sure to sew soft angles so you don't get bunching.  Leave three inches open at the bottom of the cloud and turn the pillow right side in.  Stuff the pillow with the batting.  Make sure to stuff it with enough batting so the cloud is nice and tight.

3.  Take a needle and the white thread and hand stitch the three inch opening shut.

4.  Take the needle and neon yellow thread and tightly tack with several stitches the front and back pieces together to give it the fluffy cloud effect.  You can use as many tacks as you'd like in a semi random pattern and you're done!

There are so many possibilities of cloud pillows that you can make it really is up to you.  I made this pillow for a friend who recently had a sweet baby boy named Sunny.