swoop bags

Growing up we had a large circular drawstring denim storage bag for our lego collection.  Most of the legos would, surprisingly, stay contained in the bag and it was so easy to find the exact lego you wanted.

When I first saw the swoop bag, it reminded me of our denim one growing up, but it was even better with great color options and sturdier material.  The Swoop bag is genius.  It stores your child's blocks, legos, guys, etc. and functions as a playmat as well.  I find myself, too often, tripping on toys.  The swoop bag is a great way for you to eliminate all the clutter of toys scattered throughout the house.  It also helps your child be more responsible for his/her toys.

The swoop bag comes in eleven different beautiful colors.  I had a really hard time choosing a color, but ended up picking the aqua.

I have the bag stored in our play table/coffee table drawer, but I want to install one of these beautiful wooden hooks and hang the bag on the hook.  That way henrik can have easy access to his legos and we can all enjoy the beautiful aqua color.

Henrik has been enjoying his bag.  It is so much easier for him to unload his toys and keep track of them.  Thanks swoop for such a great product!