henrik's 5th birthday

As a child growing up my mother made our birthdays special.  The night before she would wrap the gifts, bake a birthday cake and display it all on the coffee table in the living room.  In the morning I would wake up early to see my "Geburtstagstisch" or "Birthday table".  My family would sing to me "Merete hat Geburtstag, tra la la la la" (a German Birthday song).

Yesterday we celebrated my son Henrik's fifth birthday (how did he grow up so fast?).  In our family we've continued the "Geburtstagstisch" tradition.  It is so fun to see the expression on Henrik's face when he sees the decorations and presents.  This year he was so happy to receive more lego guys and a book that his father made just for him.

I feel so privileged to be Henrik's mother.  He is such a loving and creative boy.  I look forward to celebrating many birthdays with him.