Mushroom hairclip holder

As most of you may have noticed I like to make things with my hands.  Not only is it very therapeutic for me, but it can also be a way to show my friends how much I care by giving them something unique and handmade.

Recently one of my amazingly talented friends had a darling baby girl.  Since she lives in an apartment, I wanted to give her something personal and practical that doesn't take up a lot of space.

Inspired by Giddy Giddy's beautiful hair accessories and utilizing a mushroom design (of course) I made her a hairclip holder.

If you would like to make a mushroom hairclip holder here's what you'll need:

* a 12"x12" piece of cream or white felt.

* a small piece of green felt for the grass.

* a small piece of brown felt for the mushroom stem.

* a small piece of polka dot fabric for the mushroom cap.

* 12" length of vintage ribbon.

* green, brown, white and yellow thread.

* an embroidery needle.

* a small amount of batting.

1.  Sew on the top part of the grass with the green thread.

2.  Sew on the stem with the brown thread leaving an opening at the top.

3.  Stuff the stem with batting.

4.  With the polka dot fabric sew on the mushroom cap.  leave an opening at the base, stuff with batting and sew shut.

5.  With the yellow or a contrasting piece of thread sew around the edge with larger stitches.  Stuff with batting.  Insert the ribbon at the bottom and with the green thread sew everything shut.

6.  Turn the ribbon under twice and hem.  Using four or five pieces of thread, sew a hook on the back of the hair clip holder and you're done!

A hairclip holder is a fun project for any little girl with hair or aspirations of one day having hair.  My little daughter Maja is still working on it.

You can download the mushroom hairclip holder template here.