Polarn part 2

As you know from last week we are big fans of Polarn O. Pyret clothing.  I first discovered Polarn several years ago on a trip with my husband to Sweden.  I fell immediately for all the beautiful stripes and bright colors.  I was even more thrilled when the shop keeper told me that Polarn would be available that year in the States.  Since then I buy all my clothing online.  Polarn always has great P.O.P up Sales too.

Merrilee and I had so much fun coordinating and dressing the girls.  It reminded me of when I was a girl dressing my dolls (except the dolls didn't protest).  As you can see from the photos there was a lot of estrogen in the room and a lot going on.  Not pictured are the three boys playing outside digging holes, covered in dirt.

I like to mix colors and patterns together.  As long as the patterns have one or more of the same colors in them and there is a difference in size of pattern, they can work together.  I also like to add a complimentary color with the main color.  For example Maja and Mabel are both wearing sweaters that coordinate and compliment their magenta dresses.  I don't think there are any real rules to dressing kids they should be colorful just like their personalities

Another great thing about Polarn is that the sizes are a little larger than ours, so you can get more wear in your children's clothing.  Notice on the left Maja is wearing the green and white polka dot outfit as a dress and my cute six year old niece Emma is wearing it as a shirt.  That's five years worth of wear.

I am so lucky to have such a talented friend as Merrilee, who is just as cuckoo for kid's stuff as I am. We have so much fun working together. We have a couple of other collaborations we've done that I can't wait to share.