We had such a wonderful time with our cousins from Germany and were sad to say goodbye last week.  On one of their last days we had a lovely afternoon playing games, exploring the new house under construction, picking apricots, and playing in the nearby park.  It was a perfect day.

One of the the games the kids had so much fun playing was Angry Birds (yes, there's a board game). They played so well together and understood each other despite the language barrier (I really need to teach my children German).

We love playing games at our house.  A few of our favorites are:  Mini Schlotterstein (shiver-stone castle), Candyland (a classic), and Who am I.

There are so many favorites, especially German brands, I might have to do a separate post on our top picks.

Do you have any favorite games you like to play with your children?  Let me know I'd love to hear and get suggestions for some new games.