ikea play table and chair

One of my tips for living with children's toys and furniture is to have a creative nook.  A place for them to draw and build.  It doesn't have to take up much space and can be a simple table and chair. Here's a fun way to freshen up an Ikea play table and chair:  Paint the entire table in chalkboard paint and wrap the chair in yarn!

If you would like to make a chalkboard play table and chair wrapped in yarn, here are the things you'll need:

*Ikea Latt table and chairs (only $20!)

*yarn (I used mint green, kelly green, hot pink, peach, aqua blue, and chartreuse)


*flat-finish latex paint (I picked a mint green from Lowe's called Mino's Eye)

*unsanded tile grout

*paint brush

Painting the table is very easy.  I got the instructions for the chalkboard paint from Martha Stewart.   I first sprayed the table with primer.  I then mixed one cup of paint with two tablespoons unsanded grout and painted the entire table.  The tricky part was covering the chair in yarn...

Here are the steps for covering the chair:

1.  Tie a tight knot with the first piece of yarn around the leg of the chair.

2.  Wrap the yarn around the leg fairly tight.  It's okay to wrap it with lots of spaces because you can push it down before wrapping the next color.

3.  Make a tight knot with the previous color and the new color.  Wrap all four legs in yarn.

4.  With a single color of yarn (I used peach) wrap it around the seat horizontally.  I also left a tail of yarn at the top of each leg so that I could knot it onto the peach yarn.

5.  Wrap the yarn in varying thicknesses around the seat twice vertically so that none of the wood from the chair is showing.

6.  Wrap the seat back horizontally and vertically.  Finish off with several tight knots and you're done!

My little Maja thinks this chair is pretty soft and loves that it is just her size.

She likes to sit at the table and feels pretty important doing just about anything.