wall stickers

Instead of using a mobile over my daughter's crib I decided to put up wall stickers.  I wanted something that she could look at but didn't want to hang a long piece of string (her room has high, vaulted ceilings). I knew just the wall stickers for her woodland inspired Nursery.  The Oh Dear mixed with the build a tree from Love Mae.  To give it a little more personality, I hung a thrifted vintage owl and a cuckoo clock on the tree's branches. Wall stickers are a great option for one who doesn't want to commit to a wallpaper.  They are easy to place and remove easily as well.  The Love Mae wall stickers can be reused many times.  I think I've already removed and replaced mine three times.

There are so many great options of wall stickers to choose.  A few that I think would look perfect over a crib are the Rain Clouds, the Cotton Candy Clouds,  and the Flying High hot air balloons.

I can't help but share this picture.  One of my all time favorites captured by Yan.  I love that smile!