family portrait collage

I am very last minute when it comes to the holidays, this year especially for Father's Day.  For some reason it crept up on me so quickly and left me scrambling for ideas.  I love to get something handmade and it's always nice to document my children at different ages in a family portrait.  My son Henrik and I made this family portrait collage for a very talented father. If you'd like to make one too here's what you'll need:

*a shadow box (canvas or water color paper will work as well)



*magazines (I like to use old Anthropologie catalogs), vintage books and colored paper

*photographs of each family member

1.  Print out a photo of each member in the family's head approximately 1" high.  I even found an illustration that looked just like our dog hazel.

2.  Cut out paper with a pattern or solid color (I used cloud paper) to fit exactly into the shadow box.

3.  Here's the fun part!  Cut out different colors and patterns to make up the pants, shirts, skirts and skin of the members in your family.  Henrik had fun just cutting the paper.  Cut out each of the heads.  Piece and glue everything together in the shadow box and you're done!

This is a project that doesn't take much time and can be fun to make with your kids.  Henrik did lose interest half way through but was content to draw skeleton guys next to me while I finished.  The collage looks very primitive, but I think that is part of its charm.  Hopefully Nick won't mind that he has no neck and I accidentally printed his head a lot bigger than everyone else's.

If you would like some more ideas for Father's Day my friend and graphic designer (she designed this site) Melanie put together this amazing guide for Mom's Best.