My childhood in Germany

My family immigrated from Germany to the United States when my brothers and sister were young children.  Every summer we would visit my Grandmother (Ama) and my Aunts and cousins.  My Grandfather (who died before I was born) was an architect and built a beautiful home in the 1930's. The home was situated on a large property with a well manicured garden and a forest at the bottom of the hill.  He was an avid collector of art and antique furniture and instilled in his children and Grandchildren a love and appreciation for the arts.

I have so many great memories of eating quark (a delicious yogurt dessert), playing with my mother's vintage Kathe Kruse dolls, and running down my Grandparents large grassy knoll.  What I love most about my childhood in Germany is that it was simple.  I was able to be a child and discover and enjoy the beauty that surrounded me.

I hope that my children can look back at their childhood with as much fondness as I do mine.