Embroidery Hoop Art

Not too long ago my darling friend Kristen celebrated the first Birthday of her triplets!  She has the cutest girl and two boys.  I wanted to give them something that was unique and could be displayed in their room, but wasn't too expensive, since I wanted to have three separate gifts.

The embroidery hoop art is a fun, easy gift.

If you would like to make one here's what you'll need:

*an embroidery hoop

*a small piece of fabric an inch or two bigger than the embroidery hoop



*a small piece of white or cream felt

*embroidery floss in black, red, pink and blue

*an embroidery needle

*white thread

1.  Tighten the fabric into the embroidery hoop.  Cut the face of the animal out of the felt and hand stitch onto the fabric.  I drew lightly in pencil where I wanted the stitching to be.

2.  leave a small opening about an inch wide, stuff with a small amount of batting and then stitch it closed.

3.  With the black embroidery floss hand stitch the nose, mouth, whiskers, and eye lashes.  Stitch the eyes with whatever color you'd like.  I like to use the same color as the child's eyes

4. hand stitch the ears and tongue with the red and pink embroidery floss.

5.  In a contrasting color (I used blue) stitch the child's name.  I like to write it in cursive.  It's okay if the stitching isn't perfect it looks handmade and personalized that way.  Cut the remaining fabric off and you're finished!


I made a cat face for the girl and bear faces for the boys.

I was so happy with how they turned out for my friend's babies that I had to make one for my own baby girl, Maja.  I think it is the perfect finishing touch to her wall.